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We have always lived in a nanny state but now we have social media platforms as our governess telling us what we are allowed to say. grounding us if we go against their rules, and even sneakily shadow banning us without warning. Our right to freedom of speech, open enterprise and being able to make our own decisions is being taken away from us. Anyone working within the sex industry is at risk of having their livelihood affected and even their safety being put at risk because being pushed away from the relative safety of social media sites and websites pushes them back out into the streets. If we could revert back to the back pages of certain papers and magazines it wouldn’t be so bad but most of these publications died in the wake of the advent of the internet so we no longer have that as an option. The sex industry is the longest standing industry there is, you would think that in 2018 the collective mentality would have accepted it as a genuine business rather than still assuming it is all controlled by terrorists and drug dealers. The sex industry is not to blame for the downfall of morality, but the lack of understanding and acceptance could result in the downfall of much more. Before you condemn someone for the job they choose to do ask yourself what would happen if there was no one doing these jobs.

This week we went to Club F, voted the second best swingers club in the country and joint first (with Our place for fun) friendliest club in the UK, quite impressive accolades to hold. Though originally established by John, who has now retired, in 2004 in Sunderland it has resided at its current location in Co. Durham since 2008 with Sue at the helm. They consider themselves a ‘true swingers club’ as, unlike some clubs they don’t employ professionals to ensure clients receive the happy ending they are expecting. The extensive facilities include a sauna, hot tub, steam room, playrooms, dungeons, group rooms, dark room and much more to titillate your taste buds. The decor is tasteful and for those who prefer to make the most of their night, there are hotel rooms or the opportunity to stay the night in the playrooms so when the club closes the fun doesn’t have to end.

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Dear Dr Decadence

My boyfriend and I are interested in chastity, Where is the best place to get information about it?


Miss E

Well Miss E

As with most things the internet will be your best friend in your quest for information pertaining to chastity. There are a lot of blog entries and forums dedicated to the subject and specifically, the Chastity Mansion is a great place to start. You could also try facebook groups dedicated to chastity through a lot of these are being closed down by the facebook nazis. Enjoy your discovery and your exploration of chastity.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.


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