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If you read the Guardian online you will have seen their weekly instalment of readers sex lives, yes even the Guardian has embraced the nations love of sex and our need to hear about other people’s sex lives. Well, this weeks reader is the mythical swinging creature of the Unicorn! A unicorn within the swinging community is a beautiful, single, bisexual woman who genuinely loves the lifestyle. The reason she is known as a unicorn is as like the mythical horse with a horn we all know and love, she is thought to be just as mythical and many believe she doesn’t exist, she also has the horn!


Now, I know that unicorns are just as real as anyone else within the lifestyle so why are they often so scarce? Maybe because swinging is considered more to be the past time of couples and not something that beautiful, single women want to do of an evening. I’m sure that Killing Kittens would have something to say about that considering that the beautiful people

are their main clientele.

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My thinking is that in the past swinging has been kept on the down low, it was considered seedy and not something that ‘normal’ people did. Well, times they are a changing and swingers clubs and parties are frequented by a complete smorgasbord of people, from your neighbour to the local shopkeeper, from your local MP to the girl you sit next to at work. One of the biggest misconceptions of the lifestyle is that swinging means wife swapping, a houseful of flabby middle-aged couples throwing keys into a big round fish bowl. What you will really find at a swinging club or on a swinging website is a mixed group of all ages, interests and experiences who are just generally more open-minded when it comes to discussing their sex lives and fantasies freely without the fear of being judged.


This week we took ourselves off to Preston to indulge a little at Club Entice which is run by a couple with extensive experience within the lifestyle. With a fully licensed bar, relaxing lounge area and dancefloor complete with pole you can have a great night out in a chilled atmosphere, chatting with friends new and old. If you are feeling a little more titillated then venture out to the playrooms and see what exciting experiences await you.


Surgery is open …


Hi Dr


We have recently joined a swingers site and have enjoyed looking through the profiles, we have come across a few that don’t ring true. Is there anything particular to look out for to avoid the fake profiles rather than wasting our time talking to people who are not real?




Hi there, unfortunately, there is always the issue of catfishes online but if you pay close attention to the details on their profile that should help you weed out the fakes from the genuine. For example, have they completed all the fields? Are all the height, age, sexual preference etc…fields filled out? The more content within the profile the more likely that they are genuine. Also in the about section do they talk about regular past times or is it all centred around sex? Look closely at their pictures, do they match the description of weight, height, etc…on their profile? Be wary of those wanting photos via email or IM as they are more likely to be fake. If everything looks good on their profile and you start talking you can still back out at any time and remember that a casual chat on DM is not agreeing to anything further. If you have any concerns about a members profile then makes sure you make the site aware as they would not want fake or pushy profiles driving away their genuine members. As always, play safe.

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Dear Dr

I have heard that there are different levels of swinging and wondered if you could explain them to me, please?


Of course, there are indeed different levels of swinging. The three main ones being: Open Swinging, Closed Swinging and Soft Swinging.


Open swinging means that the couple chooses to remain in the same room whilst either swapping with another couple or singles or inviting singles to join them. The couple will enjoy up to and including full intercourse with couples or singles who are not their primary partner. This works well for couples who enjoy the voyeurism aspect of seeing their partner with someone else.


Closed swinging is when couples will be in separate rooms enjoying intercourse with other people. This can work well for those who want to try out a new fetish or for those who have no interest in watching their partner and can mean a deeper connection with the other sexual partners outside of their primary relationship.


Soft Swinging is the gentler form of swinging for couples that enjoy foreplay with others but not intercourse. They may want to indulge in kissing, touching and/or oral with other people but will return to their primary partner for actual penetrative sex.


There are other subcategories such as voyeurism (watching people have sex), exhibitionism (enjoying being watched), dogging (watching/being watched in an open-air location, possibly in or on your car whether you invite others to join in or not).


None of these is right or wrong and it is up to the couple and the individuals to choose what works for them and their interests.


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.



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