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“I am my brand”

I’ve had a brilliant week with a fabulous friend of mine, mature adult performer/producer Mia Young, this self proclaimed MILF and all round sexpot is no stranger to the world of camming and can turn her hand to just about any aspect of the industry.

You could say that Mia came to the world of adult entertainment later in life as she’s only been active for the past 5 years with 3 of those camming. A bad breakup leaving her in a state of financial insecurity was the push it took to take that step into a career that she had always had as a backup option should she ever require it and having found herself in this dire situation it seemed like the ideal time to give it a go. Thankfully for us all she found that she was, in her words, “surprisingly good” at it and she decided to make a go at it for real. Around this time she also set up her production company Sindy Media who initially dealt only with her own content but now also works with other members of the industry, such as Michelle Thorne and Hannah Brooks, creating a range of media to support their careers.

This scrumbumptious babe is certainly no amateur when it comes to camming, having worked on many platforms such as Chaturrbate, Adultwork, Cam4, Babestation, Kinkycamdot, Nightflirt, Youcandy and My free cams. She loves many aspects of the profession, from the almost sorority attitude and camaraderie of the performers to how it is a very female friendly business, “…as a woman in business you are taken more seriously in this industry than others.” Another high point is the freedom of choice that you have over your career, within camming the models can choose their rates, when they work, how they work and whether they choose to be competitive or exclusive in their rates. Mia also believes that although it’s a lot of hard work there is also an element of luck to success “It can lead to greater opportunities if you are lucky and in the right place at the right time with the right support.”

Although there are many pros to a career in camming, it is not necessarily as easy as some might think, it’s not just all laying around looking pretty and can be quite isolating lone working all the time. There are also downfalls that anyone looking to get into the industry should consider first. For starters there are the long and often gruelling hours that you need to put in, not just to the actual on screen camming but also in your preparations and growing your social media presence to promote yourself. You have to develop a thick skin and not only be emotionally strong but have a strong support network. You have to be aware and realistic, don’t fall for the fake producers who promise the world but are either just out for themselves or are total con artists. The viewers themselves can be both a high and low point to the industry, you will unfortunately come across those who feel the need to heckle performers, when dealing with these derogatory comments Mia will try to come up with a quick response to diffuse the situation “if they are going to heckle me then I am going to heckle them right back,” Mia also reiterates that you are in control “there is always the option to boot them but I would rather address it.” Then there’s the added protection of the other viewers, many of whom are your fans and have followed you from the start “often people in the cam room will jump to your offence, they are so supportive and will challenge someone with a negative opinion, the fans are loyal and will have your back.”

So how does a cam girl actually prepare themselves physically and mentally before going online? For Mia her cam persona is her alter ego so she amps up her look, accentuating her eyes and lips with makeup “I make money off my lips alone” and donning fetish style outfits “the outfit is the definition of this is Mia the cam girl”. Mentally Mia is very strong and level headed so doesn’t often feel the need to prepare emotionally or get nervous and can always turn on the persona “even if I’m having a bad day I have to plaster on a smile.” As Mia’s online persona is that of the archetypal Mistress her style matches that and she tends to go down the familia fetish style of shiny materials such as PVC in black and red but as she is also a MILF performer you could come across her one day in a black corset with bright red lips then in a baby blue baby doll and a pink pout the next. It is important in this industry to find your niche but can also be flexible.

The perfectly poised Mia has her fingers in many metaphorical pies and further to being a cam model and adult performer also turns her to hand to writing with the blog ‘Confessions of a Cam girl’ and dabbles with erotic literature. Other than her literary talents her production company is behind the hotly anticipated Sexposed which has just gone live on Amazon streaming and had its premier recently at an Italian porn seminar. This magazine style mini documentary covers performers, lifestyles, sexual subcultures, news and reviews within the sex cosmos, think the Sexcetera of the late 90’s updated for both the millennial and post millennial audiences.

In her expansive career Mia has dealt with the highs and lows, from Sindy Media being sponsors at last years UCAP awards and herself presenting Devon Breeze with MILF of the year to a competitor plagiarising the production companies ideas “I was devastated at the time but we’ve come out on top and elevated the brand, we are tenacious and we persevered; as long as you’re in control of what you do then no one can take it away.” Along with these highs and lows she has experienced some interesting requests doing cam and private clips. “I have had every strange outlandish thing you can imagine, pretending to be a cow mooing and being milked…wellies and humiliating a magazine. My profile states I do taboo and they will do their best to shock me.”

With all female dominated ‘workplaces’ there can be a level of bitchy subterfuge and drama between some models, however Mia says there is an army of models out there who will lend a hand to new girls on the block and suggests that they buddy up over social media and support each other because the biggest obstacle for new cammers can be their own fear.

So while we had Mia’s undivided attention we had to find what advice she would give to anyone wanting to get into the industry. “You’ve got to be quite tenacious to deal with daily trials and tribulations that occur in the adult sector but firstly just go for it, don’t over agonise, you’re not doing any harm by giving it a go. The more interesting and unique you are, the better, find your niche. Exploit and enhance what makes you you and play to your strengths. Do your research,  join a reputable site and be realistic.”

So what is next for this delectable darling? “Ultimately my dream would be to own my own fetish site or dungeon. I keep discovering new ways of working, it’s like branches on a tree and it expands. There are many ways to harness sexuality. I am constantly evolving, constantly growing,”  and we can’t wait to see where her determination takes her next.

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Right then party people, until next time – stay decadent!


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