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Eureka1So the first of the season’s big parties has now been and gone, the lead up was an exciting whirlwind and as we are friends and supporters of Eureka we couldn’t really let it go by without celebrating their 50 year anniversary at their white party. The team was really torn about where to go last weekend as although we didn’t feel we could miss Eureka we also promised to bring you different party location reviews. So just for you, the team split in two and we attended both Kents premier naturist club and Dunstable’s Arousal. We have covered Arousal before but had such a great time that we couldn’t resist another visit. We read this brilliant review on fabswingers, just goes to show that it’s not just us that think Arousal is a sensational night out.Eureka

“This was our first visit to Arousals and thought the venue was very interesting with a good combination of private and public play areas. The dungeon area got put to use and Miss C was well seen to by some of our amazing friends. ‘NaughtyBiNature’ was more than impressive with their drop dead gorgeous hostesses. Sparkly C used her charming personality to set the tone and there was a lot of fun and laughter. It was no surprise that we were kept entertained with a great selection of tunes by Playgrounds and as usual a lot of work done behind the scenes.A big thank you to the Arousals staff particularly those serving drinks who were tirelessly energetic but always extremely friendly. We will definitely be back! Date: 19 November 2017”IMG_2482


So one half of the team went to Arousal and had a great time as usual whilst the others attended Eurekas half a century anniversary soiree, sorry but I’ll have to leave you guessing as to which one I personally attended. As usual, the team at Eureka really pushed the boat out and in true style, they had a red carpet, drinks reception, shots for all and a lovely buffet. We snuck in before the club filled up so we could get some photos of the main clubhouse in its decorated splendour. The party was heaving and there was even a surprise visit from rapper Cream Boomtown who provided entertainment with an impromptu live performance.


Party plans are very exciting and there’s so much happening each day which will result in the party of the year on New Year’s Eve. We are proud to announce that The Daily Sport is sponsoring one of the themed rooms, if you would like to join them and sponsor a room then please get in touch.We have had people ask us what ‘type’ of people are welcome at the party and the answer is all types, unlike some such companies, we do not discriminate on size etc..we are completely inclusive of all.

Now over to you my dears, how can the Doctor help this week?

Dear Dr D
I read your column every week and am really excited by the idea of swinging. It seems to be a dream lifestyle, getting to sleep with a new sexual partner whenever you like. Is it really as amazing as it seems?

Hi B
Well, the short answer would be yes, yes it is an amazing lifestyle…when it works. Everyone is different and it won’t work for everyone and every relationship. Communication is the key. A lot of people find that the more freedom they have they less they actually want to have sex with other people, it may be that once they start having sex with people outside their relationship they find that sex with someone who doesn’t know how they like it isn’t that great. Or it may be that once you have permission, the forbidden fruit isn’t as sweet. Others can’t get enough of the newness of multiple partners and the excitement of how ‘naughty’, it is. Swinging isn’t the secret magic fix for all relationships, however, the open and honest communication required to make a nonmonogamous/swinging relationship work should in my mind be the goal for all healthy relationships. Whether you are monogamous or nonmonogamous, you should always strive for fully open and always honest communication. If you do decide to go down the swinging route then make sure your partner is comfortable and secure in the choice. Our New Year’s Eve party is the perfect place to start your exploration into the scene as you will be in a safe and secure environment where there is no expectation. We encourage newbies to relax and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Hi Dr
Do any lubes not taste horrible?

Hi K
Lube or lubricant is a very useful addition to playtimes. Unfortunately, due to its composition, all lubes are going to have a sort of (for want of a better word) ‘lubey’ taste to them. However, there are so many flavoured ones on the market now and the best tasting ones are going to be glycerin free. Go for more natural flavours such as strawberry or vanilla and get a good one, don’t skimp when buying flavoured lubes.


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email
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