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Well with the first dusting of snow we decided not to travel to far and stay together in case we needed a push from behind, we didn’t want to get stranded and that first dusting soon turned into a full-on flurry. We looked around to see what was on close to where we were and decided to go to Bristol and try Dare To Swing as we have heard a few interesting whispers.


Had second visit here this weekend gets better and better first time up on my own nervous understatement!! How within minutes couldn’t have in a more relaxed place C & M so easy to talk to made it absolute fun times !!!

This weekend wow now stop didn’t want to leave made lots new friends so relaxed was as good as being home looking forward to many more visits in future fun fun fun all the in every room available dungeon dark room bedrooms everywhere smiling faces xxx c u soon xx”

We were impressed with the old Victorian public house located in the Old Market Quater. The decor and ambience of the party location are spectacular. From the Prohibition-style piano bar, complete with baby grand piano and stage area to the 10 different playrooms, each with their own theme, not forgetting the basement dungeon and rooftop terrace with solarium. We were made to feel very welcome and had a brilliant night.

In the week we also attended the Adult Genie/Daily Sport Christmas Party at Gentleman’s Club Spearmint Rhino. What a decadent night it was, we had a chance to catch up with many friends and meet new people. The team from Eureka were there along with Rocky9 Productions and the UK Glamour Awards. We had a great time partying with Izzy Beaumont, Sen Monro, Grant Miller, Balbir Judge, Allan Shugz Fakeye, Kaz B, Cream and many many more! What a brilliant way to start off the festive season.

If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t then why not?) you will have seen we have had to make a location change for our New Year’s Eve party. There has been much speculation as to why this was necessary, unfortunately, issues with the bar license meant we couldn’t guarantee the perfect night and not wanting to leave it to the last minute and cause more unnecessary problems for our party goers we made the hard decision to make the change now. We are grateful to our friends at Eureka Lifestyle for opening up their hospitality to us and welcoming us to join their Glitz and Glamour party. If you already had your tickets booked then check your emails.


Surgery is open and the Dr is in the house…

Dear Dr Dan

My partner and I are interested in BDSM and we are in many groups on social media dedicated to it. Recently we were told that as we don’t ‘live the life’ we can’t call it BDSM just role play. I wondered what your thoughts were on this.


It always annoys me how die-hard lifestyle members will react to those who use it either part-time or purely in a sexual capacity. They get very offended if their kink is looked down on but then often do the same to others. In their defence though, they get very protective over their community. Whether you enjoy BDSM activities only in the bedroom, part-time or 24/7 it doesn’t matter. Do what works for you, what makes you happy. And if you get any grief send them my way, the Dr will have a little chat. Stay safe and be happy.

Hi Dr

My new boyfriend has admitted he’s really into watersports. I don’t understand why he would want me to pee on him. Is it normal? Is it safe?

Hi there, watersports is a more common fetish than one may think and there are lots of reasons that an individual may find it an erotic addition to the bedroom or bathroom. Some get excited by acts which are considered taboo and forbidden and that alone can heighten their enjoyment. For others, they merely enjoy the feeling of peeing or being peed on and a full bladder can increase the intensity of an orgasm. It could also be associated with role play or D/s aspect and the power play of being urinated on, part of humiliation play as pee is considered ‘dirty’. There is also the sensory aspect of it, it is warm and comes from a person, it is a deeper intimacy and sense of connection. You may wish to find out from your boyfriend what it is that he enjoys about the act. Golden showers are actually more hygienic than you would expect. Yes, urine contains bacteria but unless you have an infection the levels would be relatively low. As to whether you should try it or not, I can’t answer that. Think about it, discuss it with your boyfriend and only do what you are comfortable with. As always, communication, trust and honesty are key.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk


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