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Another week of delectable fun and hedonistic hilarity has ensued. This week has been the fabulous Fetish week in town and we couldn’t resist popping down to check out the wares, and such wickedly wonderful wears they were. We managed to catch the Le Boutique Bazaar on Sunday and spent a lovely time perusing the stalls. The weather was lovely for it and there were plenty of photographers and bypassers snapping away as interested parties checked out the interesting toys on display.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a weekend if we didn’t check out a new club so having checked out the reviews we chose Arousal in Dunstable and took a trip down to see for ourselves after reading this review:


“Wanted to leave it a few weeks before writing this review as I wanted it to be fair an unbiased.


The venue: secluded private entrance away from any prying eyes which is always nice. Ample parking space outside. Upon entrance, my first thoughts were like a kid zone play area for adults! Lots of communal space but also lots of areas and secluded nooks and crannies to spend more private time in. The dance floor has lots of seating around it, a large projector screen showing the music videos the DJ is playing and of course a pole and some caged areas! The dungeon area has everything you’d want or need with stirrups, chains, nipple clamps and even a swing. There’s a cinema too!


The staff: I’ve only known Sharon the owner for a couple of months now but she’s an absolute gem! A true professional with a passion for doing things right and providing a friendly service with a smile! A straight talker with a big heart! I wouldn’t like to cross her though.


The clientele: A real mixed bunch. All with their own quirks and fetishes. It’s probably one of the few clubs you can experience without a “clique” or egotistical regulars that think they own the place. Whilst I don’t expect to get on with everyone, I’m yet to meet an asshole!


I’d happily recommend this venue to friends in the scene as it’s comfortable friendly and well equipped to cater for our requirements at least.”


As always the review was spot on. This members only club is a safe and comfortable space to explore your fantasies and play. Perfect for newbies and experienced players alike. For the exhibitionists, there are 13 communal playrooms and for those who prefer a little privacy, there are 6 lockable rooms. There is also a dancefloor, podium, cage, dungeon, cinema, erotic swing and even glory holes. There really is something for everyone. As usual with this genre of clubs, they have a well-stocked soft drinks bar but are not licensed to sell alcohol so you are permitted to bring along your own alcohol if you would like a little dutch courage.

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Lots of exciting things are happening here at Decadence towers and we will soon be making some announcements about our staffing increase. In the meantime, we are still scouting for some more delectable young ladies to join us for some promo work.


So let’s see what you have been asking for help with this week…


Dear Dr. Decadence

My boyfriend likes watching porn films but I’m not really a fan. He has asked if we can make our own, I prefer the idea as I don’t really like watching other people. Is it normal to watch yourselves have sex?

Thanks, Dr.

Miss T


Well, hello Miss T and thank you for your email.

Firstly I hope that you do not feel pressured into either watching or participating in videos. That said if you are happy to participate, videos can be a lot of fun. Couples filming themselves having sex has overtaken other ‘kinks’ in the UK to become the most popular of late. It helps that with smartphones it is so easy to do. The most important thing to remember is trust, you have to trust your partner for it to work out and be fun. As always stay safe and enjoy.


Dear Dr. D

I have been very inspired by recently reading books with an S and M edge and would really like to explore a BDSM lifestyle or at least start to play a little. I am on a really tight budget though and can’t afford things like club memberships. Is there any way to do it in a cheaper way?


Mr. R


Hello Mr. R, it’s great that you are exploring new ideas and wanting to try out new experiences. The first step would be to find a consenting play partner. Self-bondage and flagellation are of course possible but kind of takes away the excitement and kind of misses the point of a submissive/dominant relationship. So assuming you have a consenting play partner, you can now begin. You don’t need to go to clubs, you can play at home. Toys can be found relatively cheaply and you can also experiment with household objects. For example, crocodile clips can be used as nipple clamps and wooden spoons make for a great spanking tool. Please do keep in mind that the relationships explored in films and literature are not real and do not expect your experience to be the same.

Stay safe and only do what you/your partner feel comfortable with.


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk Twitter @decadence_dr



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