Football’s coming home


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Hello there fellow kinksters

Have you all been following the football? The country hasn’t seen anything like this since 1990 and the excitement is palpable around the nation. Could the trophy really be coming home at last? Congratulations England on their progress so far.

The sex industry, in all its many forms and guises, is under attack from do-gooders who are attacking sex workers right to work safely under the facade of protecting those who are at risk. It is so important to put a stop to sex trafficking and protect those who are considered ‘at risk’ but those in power should not be putting the safety of the rest of the sex industry at risk to do so. Rather than jumping on the FOSTA bandwagon they should find a way to protect the at risk whilst supporting those who choose to work within the sex industry. Pushing sex workers out of public domains and back into the shadows is not productive or helpful and will put a lot of people at risk.

This week we were once again up in the West Midlands to attend Atlantis Evolution in Burslem, Stoke on Trent. Described as the no. 1 swingers club in the Midlands, we wanted to see if it lived up to that moniker. From the inconspicuous front door outside to the stairway adorned with mirrors, the decor is relaxed but sophisticated and the atmosphere is welcoming. Staff were available to chat with anyone who required assistance and even the owner was around as host of the evening. Both the chill out and play areas are comfortable and it is the perfect place to socialise either with your clothes on or not.

Surgery is open, how can I help you this week?

Dear Dr Dan

The other night we had a babysitter so we could go out but I ended up having to work late. I got home and found my wife and the babysitter (who is 20 years old) kissing on the sofa after clearly having had a few drinks by the looks of the bottles on the table. I was shocked but turned on, I watched for a while but lost my nerve so I quietly left then let myself back in loudly. My wife hasn’t mentioned it and neither have I, I can’t get the sight out of my mind though. How can I approach her about it and maybe suggest that the young lady returns when I am there also?



Hi T

Well, that does sound like it was an interesting evening for your wife and yourself. It is unfortunate that your wife did it behind your back but it may be something that she is still processing if she has not been with another girl before. You need to talk to her about it and see how she feels about it happening and about the possibility of it happening again. If you do decide to go down the route of bringing this lady into your sex lives then I would suggest that you stop employing her as a childminder as you don’t want to confuse the situation. Maybe plan a romantic meal at home, have a few glasses of bubbly and open a conversation about desires and fantasies.

Right then party people, until next time – stay decadent!


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