Full party mode for the festive season


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So we are in full party mode now with the festive period upon us. There are parties popping up everywhere that we would love to be at and are trying to fit in as many as possible, unfortunately, it’s impossible to attend everything we are invited to. We stretched ourselves last week by attending two parties, that was the first and last time for a while as it means we had to have two nominated drivers in the team which is very unfair on the guys, especially during the Christmas party season.

So this week we travelled to Radlett to join in the party as we have heard so much about it in the past. As always we check out what’s being said about a venue by you guys:

“FabulousWe attended Radlett this Saturday, and as always had a
fun night out. Good tunes to dance to and lovely buffet spread. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay late to enjoy the Hot tub but we saw a few others enjoying it. Looking forward to coming back for their FAMOUS New Year’s Eve party and celebrating in style with lots of naughty likeminded folk….see you all then :-) xxC&D

Date: 27 November 2017”

We definitely stayed for the hot tub and had some great wet and wild fun. This beautifully stylish 8 bedroom mansion house in the picturesque Hertfordshire village is a must go for anyone in the swinging scene. There’s not just the hot tub to get excited about but also the heated pool, heated jacuzzi and brilliant buffet that the hosts lay on.

During the week we took a break from party planning and business meetings to support a dear friend at their book launch. Louisa Berry’s saucy book Vanilla Extract had its launch at the sumptuous La Boudoir in London and we were proud to be on the guest list. The book tells the steamy story of a recently divorced woman’s introduction to the swinging scene and I am certainly looking forward to receiving my copy.


Now let me see, what news do I have for you? Well, rapper Cream of BBC Three’s Boomtown has confirmed that he will be live on stage at our New Year’s Eve party so that’s another reason to get your tickets now! We also have an exciting competition to win 2 tickets to our sensual soiree. Just follow one of our social media accounts and sign up to free silver membership on the website to be in with a chance of winning.

So over to you, what can I help you with this week?

Hi Dr
My partner and I have talked about swinging but we don’t know where to start. Do you have any advice for total newbies?
Thanks, B

Well hi there B and thank you for getting in touch. Firstly, well done! Often having that talk can be the hardest part and the biggest hurdle to get over. When starting out in the scene the internet really is your best friend. The majority of swingers tend to keep it secret as it can still be a taboo subject to many, your best friends or boss could be a swinger and you would never know. People are more open on the internet and you will find many blogs on the subject and websites dedicated to people’s desires. Search for related websites such as Couples Dating and Swingers Heaven, set up joint accounts and see which brings you the most interesting people. Also, check out fab swingers for reviews of clubs that you can attend together. Stay safe, have fun exploring and remember the most important thing is honesty, trust and communication. Let me know how your journey goes.

Hello Dr Dan
My boyfriend wants to try anal sex and I am open to it but a bit nervous. Do you have any advice on how to go about it?
Miss M

Hi Miss M, thank you for reaching out. Anal sex is very enjoyable for men as the anus is tighter than the vagina and many men feel they can live out their domination fantasies with anal sex. Unfortunately, most women still attach a stigma to this act and are reluctant to try it. It’s important to prepare properly, the anus is a sensitive area and doesn’t produce its own lubricant so using something like KY Jelly or other such lubricants is very important. Ask your partner to start slowly, caressing the area and inserting a finger or small bullet like vibrator, try experimenting with anal beads to get used to the feeling. It is also important that you are relaxed and in the mood so make sure that there is lots of foreplay first. When you feel ready have him put his penis in slowly to start, get into a position where he can also stimulate your clitoris and tell him not to thrust too vigorously as that could cause tearing. Relax and enjoy yourself.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk

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