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The year appears to be speeding up, I’m not sure where the months go. It feels like only yesterday we were sunning ourselves over the summer and now Halloween is just around the corner closely by Guy Fawkes Night. What does this mean for those of a kinker persuasion? Longer nights and more parties to enjoy your kinks. I am sure the darker among us will enjoy the frivolities and the opportunity to play for longer. Everyone seems to be shouting about parties that are on which is making it really hard to decide which we will be attending.

At the weekend we bumped into the Suicide Girls who were doing a photoshoot with Sinatra models. We took some time out of our busy schedule to take in the sights and watch them work, well who wouldn’t? These girls really know how to kick up a storm and put on a show. Over the weekend they did a scrap yard shoot where they trashed a car and then a dungeon shoot, do they ever stop?

This weekend we decided to play in the big smoke of London and visited ‘Our Place 4fun’ after reading this review:

“What a great little gem in London. I have been going to OP4F for a few years as a single gent and on occasion as a couple and I (and my lady) always had a good time. On one occasion I introduced my GF at the time to swinging here.

Each room has different rules, e.g. a couples only space, a space where people need to be invited to join and a space where freestyle mingling is welcome.

The single men are generally respectful and on Tuesday’s there is a good chance to meet really greedy ladies who enjoy serving a horde of man in the glory hole or treating the crowd to a gangbang.

The staff is great and friendly and Katey makes everyone welcome while Caz introduces the newbies to the club.

Every night is different. So sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes super busy with couples, sometimes lots of single men. You can never tell. If it’s not your scene the first time you might want to try another night.

I highly recommend the club.

Date: 11 October 2017”

Our Place 4 Fun is a private members club with no open door policy so don’t just turn up, make sure you have registered for membership first. They have strict regulations to ensure every guest has a fun and secure visit.  It sounds like Tuesday is a great night if that’s your thing but every night has a different twist so check the website to find what suits you best.

At Decadent towers, we are still searching for the perfect girls to join our team as promo girls. The position will include photo shoots and guest appearances and will involve evenings and weekends plus some travelling. Email me for more details.


Surgery is open, what do you lovely lot need help with this week?


Dear Doctor,

I really don’t know where to turn. I have a new boyfriend and he is into swinging, I’m quite adventurous so agreed to go to a swinging club with him the other weekend. We hadn’t been there long and were just looking around when I saw my dad in a group play room. To say I was shocked is an understatement! My mum wasn’t there and I don’t think she knows. Should I tell my mum and how can I even look at my dad again?

Freaked out in London

Oh dear now that must have been quite a shock for you. Though you have to remember that parents have sexual needs and desires also. I think that first, you need to speak to your dad, not easy I know but if you don’t talk to him soon it will cause a void between you which may be hard to fix the longer you leave it. Whether you tell your mum or not is really your call, though maybe it would be best to encourage your dad to do it himself. I do hope that this won’t put you off visiting clubs in the future, though maybe get dad to stay home when you do.

Please help me, Dr Dan

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, a few years ago he cheated on me though we managed to get through it. I thought everything was great between us but now he says he wants to swing with other couples and I am really not into that. He says that if I don’t let him swing, that I need to dress like a bad girl and talk dirty. I’m not that type of person. How do I satisfy him so I don’t lose him, or is it too late?

Mrs. B

Hello, my dear, well there are two ways you could look at this: first why on earth should you want to satisfy him and try not to lose him? It’s not about whether it’s too late, it’s about whether it’s worth it. A man who cheats on you and then tries to push you into doing things you don’t want to for his own pleasure without a care over what would please or hurt you doesn’t really sound worth it or like a man that deserves you.  However, if you do want to keep your marriage then he needs to shape up and rather than trying to force you into activities that you are not comfortable with you both need to discuss what you want and are happy to try. Maybe you could meet somewhere in the middle. Whatever you choose to do never feel pressured into it, swinging is fun but only if it’s consensual.


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