Hauntings and Housewives


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So Halloween has been and gone for another year, one of my favourite times of the year and this one went even more spookily well than usual.

Celebrations started early with a party at the Hyde in Londons Kensington. The usual crowd were there, though it wasn’t always easy to see right away who they were as their costumes were so amazing. Party people in scary and sexy costumes partied the night away in style and we bumped into the teams from Sinatra Models, Rocky9, and Adult Genie.


For Halloween party number two we went down to Kent at the weekend to check out what Eureka had to offer. They certainly didn’t disappoint. On arrival, the gates were decorated and sporting ‘Do not enter’ signs, masks, and skeletons. We drove slowly down the dark road only to have the car door opened by a mad priest who appeared from nowhere out of the dark. To say the crew jumped is an understatement, scared before we even entered the club. Inside the club, they had really gone to town on the decorations and everyone had made such an effort with their costumes.

Eureka certainly does know how to throw a party, every time the team goes it is absolutely heaving. The dancefloor will fill up then empty periodically, you don’t have to wonder too hard where everyone has gone though, they are chilling out and continuing the party in the rooms. The dance floor will always fill back up as bodies writhe together and dance the night away.

We decided to stay over to relax and wait for the new Monday daytime event, the Real Housewives of Eureka. This is their first daytime event and it went with a bang. I tried to sit quietly in the corner working away but the distraction may have been too great and I may have had to join in the party. These housewives were very real indeed.


Exciting news:

Our launch party will be held in London’s West End on New Year’s Eve!! We are looking for males and females to host. You will be showcasing yourselves at an exclusive party in the West End, this is a glamour orientated event so not for the shy or faint-hearted.

Your role will include engaging with the guests whilst handing out drinks or nibbles and ensuring the guests are happy. There will be an element of topless for both male and female hosts.

Dress code will be lingerie for the ladies and guys in dinner suit trousers and dickie bow.

We are also looking for a Dj. There is an adult element to the event so those easily shocked need not apply! Must have own decks and equipment. Would happily consider an unknown or newcomer. Will need to hear a few sets.

The party will run from 8pm-7am

Drop me an email or come and chat on social media.


I certainly need a rest after that crazy long weekend, for now, though the surgery is open to answer your queries and questions. Let’s see what you need help with this week…
Dear Doctor Dan

I have heard about private swingers parties and was wondering how I can get invited?


Hi Martin

If you have not attended parties before then may I suggest you join a site such as my own (see link below) rather than going straight to the houses of strangers?

That said, if it is those more intimate parties that you wish to attend then I would suggest you start by setting up a Fetlife profile and finding munches near you where you can meet other like-minded people. At these meet and greats, you can meet people who host parties and also get vetted. You will not get invited to a party until you have been vetted as people are very particular about who they let in their houses, especially for parties. Interact with people on Fetlife, have content and photos on your profile and look for parties local to you that fit your kinks. Email the organiser, if you have met them before, remind them of that.

Just remember to remain polite and courteous, and as always remain safe.
Hi Dr

I have recently got involved in a dominant/submissive relationship and am not sure of all the terminology. For example, what are soft and hard limits?


New to this
Hi there and thank you for reaching out before going any further.

Firstly if you are unsure of the simple D/s terms then you are not ready to enter such a relationship unless it is something you are both new to and exploring together. It is really important that you do your research and have some knowledge of the terminology before beginning so there is no confusion. I suggest you search online for BDSM terminology. The terms soft and hard limits relate to what a submissive will agree to do. Soft limits are activities that the sub does have an interest in but is cautious/scared/nervous/anxious about and the Dom should proceed carefully with. Hard limits are things that the sub is not prepared to do at all. It is important for you both that the Dominant partner is aware of the submissives soft and hard limits before progressing.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk


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