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So another celebrity is in the news for alleged sex offences, has there been a month in the last few years that there hasn’t been a new case of a celebrity abusing their position? Surely with all their money and status, they wouldn’t need to force themselves on women?

What always niggles me though is when the story breaks it is not about the famous person being questioned by the police but instead of them being sued for gigantic sums of money by the alleged victim. If you had been assaulted by Chris Brown or rapper Young Lo would your first thought be how to milk the cash cow? Or would it be wanting to see justice done? However, saying that, is it more a case of women feeling that they won’t be believed or that the justice system is still, even after the high profile cases of celebs such as Cosby and Weinstein, still going to favour the rich and famous? One would hope that the recent cases would alleviate such concerns from victims and they would feel more confident going to the police and down the legal route. So when a victim takes an alleged attacker to court to sue them is that proof of innocence? If the accused chooses to settle out of court is that an admission of guilt? Or does it all just show that we are living in a society that puts money above justice? From way back in 1994 when Michael Jackson made an out of court settlement with the father of the child he had allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with (a staggering $23,000,000) to now with an unnamed female suing Chris Brown for a reported $17 million, it just seems that choosing to take a financial settlement from someone so rich it won’t hurt them in the slightest is making a mockery of the justice system and genuine victims. That is not to say that these are not genuine, it just begs the question … if it is true would a hefty payout go further to make up for it than having the perpetrator publicly admonished and hopefully locked up?

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to see these people pay or pay up?

Feeling like angelic kinksters we decided to descend on Angels Swinging Club in Melksham, South West to see if their members really were celestial beings or at the very least had halos. This purpose built venue boasts many playrooms including lockable ones, a swing room, dungeon, voyeurs room and darkroom. Plenty of space and warm bodies to keep you from getting bored. It has the generic ‘alternative lifestyle club’ decore of mostly black and red with a little purple thrown in for good measure but is well laid out, clean and comfortable. The staff are very welcoming and the facilities are perfectly reasonable. As with the majority of clubs in this genre, they do not serve alcoholic beverages, however, they are more than happy for you to bring your own and will put it behind the bar for you, serving it as you require so need to carry it around with you.

Surgery is open

Dear Doctor

I have recently been exploring extreme anal play and am able to get quite a girth in my passage. I am starting to get concerned though that it will stretch out permanently and I will lose control of my bowels, is this possible?

Thank you


Dear S

Thank you for reaching out with your concern. I will be completely honest with you, a study in 1997 did find that a history of anal penetration (and this was not talking about extreme play) will result in a lower anal resting pressure (the muscles down there don’t contract as tightly) and can increase the feeling of urgency when needing to open your bowels, however it did not show a connection to faecal incontinence. A more recent study that took into account a higher level of participants and also covered both men and women (whereas the previous study had focused on a smaller group and only men) reported that a higher percentage of those with a history of anal penetration had problems with incontinence. It was not conclusive though and we still don’t really know the full long-term effect that anal play will or won’t have. With everything, it is likely to be down to the individual as all our bodies react differently to things. Like the exercises women do for their kegel muscles you can also do the same for your sphincter muscle. Try exercising it daily to keep the elasticity, as with any muscle the more it is worked the stronger it will be. To do this, push as if you are opening your bowels then reverse as if you are stopping midway, repeatedly contract and relax that area.

If you are in any discomfort or experiencing any incontinence please see your GP, don’t be embarrassed, they have seen it all before.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.


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