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Well if you follow us on any social media you will know that it is no secret where we found ourselves at the weekend. Since we first attended a Eureka party we have become big supporters of theirs and of course, we always like to support deserving charities. Their amazing and much anticipated Rocky Horror Charity night went down a treat with loads of party goers attending in costume, I’ve never seen so many men in stockings and suspenders! The team raised an amazing £2800 for Target Ovarian Cancer and we, like all in attendance had an amazing night.

It is not just us that love Eureka, check out this review we came across on fabswingers.com,  

“This Club has got it bang on.

For some time now, myself +1 have been seeking a club where the emphasis is on a fun/party type atmosphere (most other clubs have a token dance floor that’s empty after 11.00pm). Eureka has the party vibe completely nailed ..and with a heavy dose of erotic electricity in the air.

It’s like the best school fancy dress disco you’ve ever been to (& in this vein, it even has something akin to a tuck shop) …but with private rooms to suit if the mood so takes you.

Well done to the organizers/hosts …you’ve got something special going on there :-)

P.S. My only recommendation would be to get some decent photos uploaded to your website showing just how rammed the main social area gets (success breeds success)

Date: 1 October 2017″

After spending what was left of the night resting up in one of the comfortable, on-site chalets at Eureka, Sunday morning started in a haze. After fixing our delicate selfs with a big fry up we headed on out for a day of racing at Brands Hatch which is just up the road.

The historic Kent racetrack was the location for the British Touring Car Championship final which took place on the majestic Grand Prix circuit. Maybe not the best idea when you’re feeling delicate as the sound of the engines is deafening but nothing blows the cobwebs away better than watching these impressive motors roar around the track.


Surgery is open, how can the Dr help you this week?

Dear Dr. D

I am new to the world of BDSM, I have a sub who I enjoy exploring the life with, however, we would like to spice it up a little. I would really like to add some rope play into scenes with my sub. Do you have any suggestions on where to start or any fun games?

Master G

Hello Master G and thank you for your email.

It is really good that you are exploring this alongside your sub and looking to increase your enjoyment. Rope play is a great way to introduce more control into your scenes and is a good place to start as it can be as simple as you require to begin with and as extensive as you can imagine once you get good at it.

You can use ropes in many ways such as to restrict movement and restrain your sub, to wrap and decorate your sub or once more experienced, to suspend your sub. Both the dominating and submissive partner can derive pleasure from the use of ropes, from the visual aspect and the control to them being used to make the restrained partner more accessible for further sadomasochistic games.

When beginning your rigging experience it is best to do some research on the best ways to ground tie and the knots to use for the outcome you are hoping for. Once you are more advanced you could look into the Japanese art of Kinbaku, erotic/sensual rope bondage.

As with all BDSM, safety is key. Speak to your sub first and ensure they are comfortable with the direction your play will be going.

Check out www.bdsmtrainingacademy.com for further tips.

Hi Dr.

I am a student and very short of money, I have heard about people selling their panties online, is this an actual thing? Do people really pay for used underwear? And if so, how would I about selling my own?

Thank you

Miss K

Hello, Miss K, thank you for your question.

Sorry to hear that you are struggling financially though it isn’t uncommon for students. In answer to your first question, yes selling used panties is an actual thing, and not just panties, any underwear. There are many specialist websites which you can join for a small fee to advertise your wears. I have seen some people bypassing the websites and as such not having to pay a joining fee or commission and either setting up their own website (you can do this relatively cheaply and easily through platforms such as Wix) or merely through a twitter account. However, for a beginner, you may find that websites are easier for you as they already have a dedicated following of buyers. Good luck with your new endeavor, you may need to stock up on panties and stockings though.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email dr.decadence@dailysport.co.uk Twitter @decadence_dr


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