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Greetings and salutations you rampant rabble. How has your week been since we last spoke?DD 842018

Well, as you can imagine from a gentleman of my stature and with the wide range of proclivities that I enjoy, I have heard my fair share of unique and shall we say ‘different’ kinks over the years. I really thought that there wasn’t much left to hear. That was until out for lunch recently a Mistress friend told me of a client she had recently encountered. Being a ProDomme, she had also ‘seen everything’, or so she thought. The individual in question, let’s call him ‘B’, had a very interesting kink indeed, one which would have had him all hot under the collar where he sitting with us in that cafe. You see, his fetish is for sandwiches, yes you heard that correctly, sandwiches. From what ‘B’ told my friend, it had started from a young age where he was attracted to girls eating the popular lunch food and had progressed initially to fornicating with a loaf of uncut white. ‘B’ has now moved on from using the loaf in this way to using his own loaf to come up with what can only be described as an ingenious invention for someone with such interests, he has formed a sort of crude chastity device from slices of bread which he enjoys wearing under his clothes, I hope the local pigeons don’t sniff that out!DD 842018 (1)

This has really got me thinking about fetishes and how many of them we now don’t find that strange, and also how many more there are out there that we have never heard of. Do you, like ‘B’, have a penchant for something that you may consider to be a little different? If so I would love to hear about it, feel free to email me, your identity will, of course, be protected if you wish.

This week as we were in Leeds visiting friends we decided to stop by Quest Swingers Club. The subtle lighting and luxurious decor give Quest an upmarket feel as if you have stepped into a spa for the evening, albeit a spa which features more than just a couples massage. The spacious playrooms allow for group activity in a relaxed and comfortable environment and the lounge areas are welcoming and tasteful. As with most spas the facilities include a sauna and steam room, however, unlike Champneys, they also include glory holes, a dark room and for those who like a little voyeurism, a viewing room. We certainly enjoyed our visit to Quest and left feeling very relaxed, this is a must for anyone in the area and we will certainly return.

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Dear Dr

I recently got a new sofa and I’ve become strangely attached to it. It started with not wanted others to sit on it and wanting to spend all my time at home sitting on it. Now it has progressed to feeling turned on by its soft curves. The only way I can get excited with my boyfriend is if we are on the sofa and even then I have to imagine that really it is the sofa that I making love to. Is this normal?


Hi there and thank you for your question. Many of us have an attachment to our sofa as it is a place of comfort, relaxation and safety. However, from what you have described I would suggest that you may be experiencing Objectum Sexualis, a sexual fetish for inanimate objects. You are not alone in this, it is a fetish more often found in women and you will find that there have been many programmes on the subject. May I suggest the documentary ‘Strange Love: The Woman Married to the Eiffel Tower’ which depicts the real-life stories of women in love (and lust) with amusement park rides, national landmarks, stairway bannisters, an archery set and much more. This may give you an insight into how you are feeling and hopefully alleviate any concerns you have about whether it is ‘normal’ or not. If you have a close relationship with your partner and can talk openly then maybe discuss with him how the sofa makes you feel and see if there are ways to bring this into your sex life.

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I respect that my girlfriend wants to use condoms during sex but I have an allergy to latex which makes it really uncomfortable and not at all pleasurable. Are there alternatives?


Great question, so many people think that latex is the only choice where barrier protection (condoms) are concerned but they would be wrong. Having an allergy or even sensitivity to latex shouldn’t mean you can’t experience safe sex and the manufacturers know this and have some suitable alternatives for you. They come in two types, synthetic or natural. Synthetic latex such as polyisoprene, polyethylene or polyurethane are the safest to use if you have multiple partners or haven’t been tested recently. The natural alternatives are made from animal products such as lambskin and won’t protect against STI transmission due to the small, naturally occurring pores which could allow viruses to pass through. Suggested brands to try would be ‘Skyn’ or ‘Durex’ non-latex, which are both made from polyisoprene and can be found in most supermarkets and chemists.


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.


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