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Greetings and salutations to all my decadent brethren

We all know how much fun you can have between the sheets but did you know that sex was also very good for your health? Getting frisky releases feel-good endorphins which can give you an after sex glow for up to 48 hours, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that glow on a work colleague and mentioned it around the kettle. Scientists have determined that there is a scientific reason for the time frame, it takes 3 days for a man’s sperm count to recover and the little swimmers can only survive within a woman for two days before they are toast so shagging every other day will ensure a constant glow.

It’s not just the orgasmic glow though, sex can actually help to beat the blues and smooth out unsightly wrinkles in women due to the extra oestrogen her body is releasing. You can also use it as part of your exercise regime as sex can burn 5 calories a minute, so make sure it’s an active session to make the most of the cardio. It can help to cure insomnia as orgasms can make you sleepy due to the hormone prolactin, men especially are known for falling asleep after sex but now they have an excuse. Best of all, sex and orgasms are a natural analgesia, the painkilling aspect can benefit all areas of the body and have been known to lessen period pain in women, so men when your lady is pained by her monthly ‘curse’ step in an give her a very special cure, believe me, it will score you major brownie points. Sex itself produces a pain relieving hormone called oxytocin, add an orgasm and the pain can disappear completely, even increasing pain thresholds.

So next time you are about to say goodnight and turn over imagine all the benefits you’re missing out on and instead turn to your partner and give each other a hormone boost.

Make sure to get your club and party reviews coming in, tell the world which are the best and worst swinging and BDSM venues that you have attended. Maybe you have found a hidden gem or have been disappointed by a well-known location, either way, tell the rest of the community.

“I went to Vanilla Alternative in Bedfordshire for the first time, in fact, it is the first time I have been to a swingers club and I was quite nervous. Everyone was lovely and I was introduced to some other people who were there for the first time. It felt very relaxed and there was no pressure to do anything. It was nice being able to relax with like-minded people and I have to admit that there was some fun had in one of the playrooms. For a single woman to feel so relaxed in an alternative club like this says a lot for the people who run it and their staff. Thank you Vanilla Alternative, I will be back. Louise”

Surgery is open, how can I help this week?


Hello Dr D

I think I have a weird fetish and I have never told anyone else about it. I get turned on by cheese. The smell, feel, look, everything about it. The cheese aisle at the supermarket is a painful turn on as I can’t act on my feelings but once I have the cheese at home I can indulge. I am scared that I will never find a partner who can accept my adoration for the dairy goodness. Am I weird?



Hi C and thank you for your message. No, of course, you are not weird, as long as your fetish doesn’t hurt anyone or go against moral or legal rules then there is nothing wrong with it at all. I have done some research into this and it is not as uncommon as you may think, a sexual attraction to food is called sitophilia and according to the urban dictionary those who are specifically attracted to cheese are known as quesosexual. It may well be hard to express how you feel about cheese to a prospective date so choose your words carefully and try to find ways to bring cheese into your sex life such as smearing cheese spread on a willing partner and licking it off much like many people do with chocolate spread. Your fetish doesn’t hurt anyone so do not feel bad about it. Enjoy yourself and your cheese.

Right then party people, until next time – stay decadent!


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