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143 Sex Toys | Soho Sex Shop | Sex CatalogueThe sex industry has been around as long as time itself, much before the advent of cam sites and social media and will remain a massive money revenue for all those involved most likely until the end of time. Unfortunately, over the years many roles in the industry have been treacherous paths to go down. With the advent of the internet, platforms for advertising their wears in a safe and secure way have pathed the way for a safer working environment. That is until the powers that be decide that such sites are breaking some moral turpitude clause.

The most recent casualty of this is the closure of Americas classified advertising website, Backpage. It has been reported that the US government are bringing charges of profiting from sexual acts and suggest that the site is no better than a pimp on a street corner forcing young girls on to the street.

This has come as a blow to many sex workers that have relied on the website as an advertising tool for their business, not because they are forced into or being sex trafficked but because they choose to work in this industry. Losing the ability to advertise online and as such screen prospective clients in advance will not end the dark side of prostitution, what it will do is force for girls out onto the streets and bars which surely is a worse outcome?

It seems that every time I switch on the computer these days there is another case of peoples rights and freedom of expression being squashed in the name of morality.

Aside from jumping on my soapbox over sex workers rights, this week I have been up to the North West to attend Townhouse in the Wirral. I heard that it recently went through a refurbishment and must say that decor is looking splendid. The classy lounge area houses a subsidised bar with a single spirit being just £1! The many playrooms are spacious and well equipped and the warm welcome we received from the staff was appreciated. For the kinkier among you, they have many pieces of fetish equipment such as a St Andrews cross and Queening stool, there is even an authentic cellar with a padded cell! If you ever find yourself in the Wirral make sure you pop into Townhouse and tell them Dr Decadence sent you.DD 1542018

Surgery is open, what ails you this week?

Dear Doctor

We are a couple in our 40’s and have only recently started exploring our sexuality and kinks, we are very new to the journey and still very inexperienced. We tried swinging but don’t feel it is for us and now a friend has introduced us to the world of BDSM, we think this may be more of a fit. We have dabbled a little and have now been invited to a fetish night at a club by the same friend but are nervous about attending. Do we need to have lots of experience to go to a night like that? Would we be expected to join in?

Thank you

Mr & Mrs P

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Hello Mr and Mrs P

Thank you for getting in touch and congratulations on beginning your joint exploration, it will bring you closer together and expand your sexual horizons. As for fetish nights at clubs, it really does depend on the club and party organisers. You will find that some nights are more geared towards individuals with lots of experience and others will be for the curious. You’d probably do well to find one with a good mix so that you will feel comfortable but will also have the opportunity to learn some things and chat to those with more knowledge. If your friend has invited you I assume that they are also attending so you will have a friendly face there right away. In my experience, most people within the BDSM community is very friendly and supportive, they are always happy to assist and educate.

There should never be any pressure to join in, you will find there are non-play areas such as lounges, bars, dancefloors where you can relax, have a drink and just enjoy a regular night out, you may see people walking around in fetish clothing but there’s usually no nudity in these areas at BDSM clubs. If you feel a little more intrigued you can look in the dungeons and playrooms and take a look at the scenes that are in progress. You may find there are professionals giving demos and advising people on best practice so it could be a great place for you to learn a few new tricks. If you do decide to play, find somewhere you feel comfortable and only go as far with your scene as you feel is appropriate for you and your partner.

I hope that you will take this step and see where it takes you. Please let us know!

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.


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