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In my online and real-life dealings, I know quite a few Pro Dommes and I do love chatting with them over a drink about recent sessions and especially their kinkier clients. Chatting to one this week and she told me about a phone session that she had, which I just had to share with you. So for the purposes of this column, we will call her Mistress S and the guy on the phone we will simply call slave. Slave had admitted to Mistress S that he fantasises about sex with books, so she told him to find a large book and open it to the middle, he was then to place his member on the book and slam it shut. He of course complied and was instructed to do this many times. At this point, slave confessed that he was a lawyer and the book with which he was administering CBT was, in fact, a rather large book on law. Mistress S found this highly amusing and instructed him to begin using the book to as a receptacle for his thrusting member. He did this, getting very excited until he could take it no more. She then instructed that he would be allowed to ‘finish’ but only if he did so over his law degree certificate. So not only did this lawyer f**k the law but he also shot his load all over his degree.

We were feeling very naughty this week so we decided to drive into the city, get suitably attired and take a walk on the wild side at The Hellfire Club. For a truly decadent night out, I can’t recommend it enough and on the 17th they have their BDSM night which I am sure we will be back for. The decor is opulent and sensual whilst the staff are helpful and accommodating. Highlights include the cinema and dancers pole which got a lot of use as sensual ladies gyrated around it much to the enjoyment of the many onlookers.


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Dear Dr Decadence

My girlfriend has suggested that she would get turned on by being abducted and gangbanged. So, is this actually legal? and if so how do I go about doing this?


Hi there Mr MC

It’s great that you have such an open and honest relationship that you can discuss these fantasies. Firstly, find out if it is just a fantasy and she enjoys the idea of it, if so you could bring it into the bedroom by blind folding her, tying her to the bed and ‘using’ her when she’s not expecting it. However, if she wants to have the full experience that may not be enough. Of course it’s not legal to really abduct someone but when it’s consensual and has been discussed fully in advance it’s really no more than role play, albeit quite an extreme roll play.

So having decided whether it is bedroom fun or a full blown role play scene you will now need to discuss how it is executed. Taking the second option you will want to leave an element of surprise but you also need to ascertain in advance what she wants to happen. If other people will be involved then include them in the conversation. Be careful how you choose to execute the ‘abduction’ as you don’t want anyone to think it’s real and call the police, explaining what you’re really up to certainly would dampen your fun, as would a night in the cells if they didn’t believe you.

Have as much as possible planned and agreed to in advance, the only thing you may want to keep from her is when it’s going to happen.

The most important thing is that your both comfortable with how you decide to play the scene and that you both enjoy it!

Let us know how it goes!

Dear Dr Decadence

Could you please recommend a good photographer within the kink industry? I would like to gift my Mistress with a photoshoot but everyone I come across is either very sleazy or charges the earth.


Hi K

There are a lot of people who think because they can afford a half decent camera they can call themselves a photographer and in the kink industry a lot of them are doing it to get their kicks. Look for someone who has good social accounts and are verified by people in the kink community. Have they worked with other well known Mistresses? Do they have examples of their work? A friend of mine, Mistress Molly, recently had some great photos done at an event by The Kinky Togger who you can find on twitter I understand he’s currently doing a deal on photoshoots for Mistresses so he should be a good call. I’ve seen his twitter and he’s photographed some notable Dommes. I hope that helps, send us some of the photos when they’ve been done!


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