The Loss of a Legend


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With the passing this week of Pete Stringfellow we lose another Don of the adult industry. Having already lost the great Hugh Hefner this feels like the end of an era within the world of adult pastimes. Some would state that this is a good thing as the world has moved on from the male dominated management within this genre of establishments. However, if you were around in the heyday of exotic clubs, before the advent of cam sites, then you may agree that the glamour has left the building with the departure of the ‘King of Clubs’. Many celebrities have taken to the media to give their condolences and say what a great guy he was but already the haters are creeping from the woodwork stating that the world is a better place without purveyors of sexual pursuits. But why is it always the males in the industry who are vilified when their female counterparts are considered innovative and embracing their right to be a sexual individual? Yes, there have been men in the industry who have misused their position but should all men be tarred with the same brush? In all industries, men and women should expect and demand equality and should not mean that only women can be accepted by the common collective but men also. 

Whatever your views on how he operated, on his choice of girlfriends, on his fashion sense or his business, he did a lot for the industry and everyone who knew him will miss his exuberance, his flamboyance and his can do attitude. 

Have you been partying or late? We do enjoy our exploration of new venues, playing in new towns and meeting new people. We certainly broadened our horizons this week by zipping across the big drink to the big Apple! With some meetings planned over the pond we decided to make the most of it and see what adult delights New York New York had to offer. In Pete’s honour we hit a different type of club for our first night out. 

Located on 8th and 43rd, Satin Dolls is a gentlemen’s club which features some of the best topless dancers and entertainers. Table side dancers and on stage performers ensure there is always a delight to feast your eyes on. This gentlemen’s cabaret is a sophisticated addition to any trip to the city that never sleeps and if you prefer a more personal encounter, their private and VIP rooms are very reasonable. And if you’re staying in Times Square they will even permit two guests free entry on showing your room key! 

Surgery is open sexy people … 

Hi Doctor,

I work as a model but enjoy BDSM. How can I have my play time but ensure there are no marks left behind? 



Hi M 

Using larger, cushioned cuffs rather than rope or standard handcuffs will stop marks being left on your wrists and ankles. You don’t mention the type of play you’re into, so assuming you mean impact play, using paddles with a larger surface area will lessen the chances of marks. Also it depends on how hard the impact is as to how much of a mark is left behind. Unless your Dominant is using a very thin implement or whip you’re unlikely to have any lasting proof of your kinks. Use a soothing cream afterwards to bring down redness and don’t get down to it right before a shoot! 

Have fun! 

Dear Dr D

I was in a swinging relationship for a few years and loved it. Unfortunately we split, amicably, last month. Mostly it’s the swinging that I miss rather than the relationship itself and have met someone new. I have been going to clubs alone since we split but now I’m seeing this girl I want to be open but don’t know how to without scaring her off.


Hi K 

Sorry to hear about your relationship but glad you’re moving on. Telling a new partner is always a stressful time as you don’t know how they will take it. Obviously, if you want there to be any future to this fledgling love affair you will have to open with her. Maybe you could try telling her about your previous relationship and see if it’s something that she would consider trying with you. Ultimately, if she’s dead set against it then it’s best to find out in the early days then make a decision as to if the relationship is more important than your sexual pursuits or not. 

Good luck 


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