The only way is Decadence at Mingles

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Original Pink Pill | Nooky Pill | Pink Pills | Cheap ThrillsI am so over seeing articles floating around about how the use of porn affects not just one’s ability to have lasting relationships and sexual gratification but also our health and how we view members of the opposite (or same, depending on your inclination) sex. As with everything in life, moderation is the key. How is using porn in a relationship detrimental to said relationship if it is consensual and enjoyed by both parties? As long as the viewer can separate what they see on screen with real life then I for one see no issue with it. As usual, it is the do-gooders telling the world what they should find acceptable and apparently they do it for our own good. The sex industry as a whole is being cracked down on, it’s as if we are going back a few centuries to a puritan time when anyone working within the realms of sexuality and hedonism was considered seedy. Laws are changing all the time, under the guise of protecting the innocent they are basically trying to criminalise many aspects of sexual freedom of expression and again many fetishes are going underground. We should take inspiration from that box office draw ‘The Greatest Showman’ and say “I make no apologies, this is me.” So whatever your stance on pornography or the sex industry as a whole, whatever your sexual interest, kinky or vanilla, it doesn’t matter, it is part of who you are and it is ok to be you. Embrace your sexuality!

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Ah, I do enjoy my little soapbox moments but back to the order of the day…where have we been partying this week? So we thought we would see what ‘The only way is Essex’ is really like and headed to Colchester for a night of decadent debauchery at Mingles. The club has good reviews like this one:


“My first trip to mingles this weekend and I already can’t wait to go back! The hosts are hot as hell and the bar staff too! This boutique club oozes class and style yet everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Loved it!


Date: 4 March 2018”


Mingles has a very relaxed atmosphere and the elegant decor and friendly staff make you feel instantly relaxed. The bar stocks soft drinks and snacks and you can bring in your own alcohol if you wish, to enjoy in the comfortable lounge areas while chatting with new and old friends. If you decide to have a little more x rated fun then retiring to one of the spotlessly clean playrooms is a must, they are also fully air-conditioned which makes it much less sticky and hot … well, it’s still hot but not so much in a temperature sense, though even with air conditioning the temperature can certainly soar! As always we had a splendid time and made lots of lovely new friends that we hope to see again when we are next down in the Essex area.

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This weeks surgery is open, let’s see what you’ve been asking the Dr this week…  


Hi Doctor


At a party the other week we were talking about what we were into and one of my friends admitted she was a furry, I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know what it was so I googled it when I got home. Now I can’t look her in the face. How can I get our friendship back on track and get over how weird it seems to me?




Well hello there. Firstly for those who don’t know, the term Furries relates to a Fandom subculture of people who have a fascination with fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics, most often also dressing up in costumes. In fetish terms, this may also include being sexually attracted to Furries and/or being turned on whilst in costume. This could be full costume or the use of a tail anal plug during sexual activities. Though it is important to note that not all Furries have a sexual interest in it, I suppose that would be a subculture within the subculture. Maybe talking to your friend and finding out what her interest in it is would help alleviate your embarrassment. Also, remember that it is just a harmless interest and pass time, it in no way changes who your friend is and should not change how you view her. Friendships just like all other relationships need good communication to make them work so talk to her! I do hope you can get past your own opinions and embrace or at least accept, your friend’s interests.

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Hi Dr Dan


Please help, I am desperate for a Mistress but I don’t know how to go about getting one. I’m quite shy and nervous but I really feel it’s something missing from my life.


sub steve


Hi sub steve and thank you for your message, reaching out for help is a great first step. I don’t know how you feel about social media but if you use facebook there are a lot of groups dedicated to this lifestyle which could be a good place to start. Set up a Fetlife account and get talking to Dominant women, see if there is a local munch you could attend so you could meet like-minded people in a relaxed and vanilla environment. If you get talking to or meet a Dominant lady or Mistress then be respectful and get to know her, never jump straight it with “will you be my Mistress”, the ones I know don’t like that at all. You may find that starting conversations online is easier for you to start with as it can be less nerve-wracking but in the long run, you will have to push through your shyness if you would like this interaction to move on to real life. Good luck with your search and keep me posted on your quest.

Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.



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