The parties never seem to stop!



The parties never seem to stop, not that we are complaining but even decadence needs some downtime. We have been partying so hard of late and spending a lot of time planning the big New Year Launch Party so we decided to have a quiet week. Not too quiet though as we still ventured out at the weekend to the Liberty Elite Club. As always we had checked out the reviews beforehand and they seemed positive so thought we would give it a spin. Here is one of the reviews that piqued our interest:


“Was our first time at liberty elite, we were very nervous at first, as we are newbies, very classy club, very clean, both enjoyed the black-tie theme, hope it is a success for the new owners who were great hosts , we will be back again, hopefully, a little more confident next time , anyone who saw us say hi, had a fab time , shame we had to leave the hot tub when it ended x
Date: 12 November 2017”


This membership only adult club accommodates both the swinging and fetish scenes in a sublimely saucy environment set in 2 acres of grounds. The expansive grounds allow for it to be private and discreet whilst the onsite accommodation means you don’t have to worry about driving home when the fun ends. We had a great time and noticed many a newbie who was looked after by the helpful and accommodating staff, I bet those newbies won’t wait long for their return visit.

Plans are really starting to come together for the launch party with amazing DJ’s such as Peter Andrews and Tania Amazon confirmed for sets on the night. We are also pleased to announce that online BDSM publication Dark Side Magazine are on board as party sponsors, we will be featured in their next issue and the party will be featured in their January edition. Don’t miss out on your chance of seeing the New Year in with a bang and get your tickets now from the website.

No matter how busy I get I still have time for you lovely people so let’s see what you need my help with this week…

Hi Dr.

I have noticed recently that I like to bite and be bitten in the bedroom, is this normal and why is biting a turn on? Thanks.


Hi K

You wouldn’t believe the number of times I have been asked if a sex act or action during sex is “normal”, what is normal? It is defined as conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected. So just because something is mainstream means it is considered “normal” but that doesn’t mean that something unexpected is abnormal or weird in any way. When we are bitten or experience light to moderate pain (the level is different for everyone as everyone’s pain threshold is different) we experience a feeling similar to arousal and sexual stimulation. Your skin is your biggest erogenous zone and has a lot of nerve endings. There is also the element of dominance and submission with biting as you are causing or experiencing a small amount of pain. Do keep in mind though that biting is not everyone’s glass of champagne so be tentative at first and see how your sexual partner responds.

Hi Doctor

I have been looking into the world of BDSM and am getting a bit confused by some of the terms. What’s the difference between Fetish, Kink, and Fantasy?
Thank you, B

Hi B

How great that you are exploring the extensive world of BDSM. The terminology can get confusing as it’s not always used correctly, people will often talk about having a fetish when in reality they are referring to a kink or fantasy. It also doesn’t help that the description for each has a slight overlay. They do all, however, have a slightly different meaning.
Fetish – commonly defined as an intense desire, fantasy or behaviour centering on a sexual attraction involving an object, body part or activity that is necessary for sexual climax. If someone has a true fetish then they cannot climax without the presence of the object, body part or activity that their fetish centers on. A common and quite well-known example of a fetish centering on a body part is a foot fetish, one involving an inanimate object could be women’s underwear, and a fetish involving an activity could be smoking. If the individual can orgasm without the aforementioned object, body part or activity, then it is not a true fetish and is more probably a kink.
Kink – an object, activity or situation that you find consistently and intensely erotic. Meaning that it may heighten or bring sexual arousal but is not essential for a successful sexual encounter or for a climax to occur. So a person could have a kink for being spanked and it will increase their enjoyment, however,if they are not spanked they can still enjoy the sexual encounter and manage a climax.

Fantasy – a mental image or thought that excites your sexuality. There are endless sexual fantasies that run through our minds at one time or another and just because you fantasise about a situation doesn’t mean you would actually want it to happen. There are some that we would love to become a reality and others that could not be farther away from what we would want in reality.
I do hope that this helps your understanding, keep reading up and feel free to email me if you have any further queries.

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