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Greetings and salutations to my saucy readers and kinky concubines.

Is the warm weather adding heat to your sheets or keeping playtime at bay? Do you find that with the sun shining your libido increases? Possibly due to the additional skin that is on show and the general joie de vivre that continuous rays of sunshine bring about. Do you find that the sight of a trickle of sweat between a woman’s ample bosom brings on an instant swelling to your manhood? Or ladies is it the naked torso of a well-sculpted bit of man meat chilling in the park that’s giving you butterflies?

Well, it may not just be the sight of flushed, sweat glistening skin that increases our libidos but the sunshine itself. Soaking up the sun makes us happy, it’s all that Vitamin D, and according to Ashwini Nadkarni, M.D., psychiatrist and instructor at Harvard Medical School, this makes our genitals happy also, “Sunlight has been shown to have an association with serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in the ability to experience pleasure.’’

sexologist, Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, states that because summer makes more active and social this increases the horn factor in us all. There are more science factors as well, O’Reilly adds that the sunlight causes a drop in our melatonin levels, as well as increasing serotonin. Melatonin decreases our horny hormones so with the sunshine promoting sexy serotonin and saving us from libido massacring melatonin, the sunshine really is our best friend in the search for more sexy time.

Think holiday romances, steamy beach encounters and kinky camping because while the sun continues to beat down our libidos continue to go up!

I want to hear about your favourite clubs to go to, places where you can let your hair down and explore your sensual side! Drop me an email to the address below and tell me what makes the perfect swinging location for you.

Surgery is open, how can I help with your sexual disasters or kinky problems this week?


Dear Dr Decadence

I like wearing women’s underwear but am too shy to shop for it. Will I be able to get the right size online?



Hi K

The invent of the internet has been a blessing for shy crossdressers as there is no stigma attached to buying your lacy undies online. Most online shops will have a size chart where you can check your measurements against their sizes. So grab a tape measure and look online for how it’s best to measure. I promise you’ll find it very simple and will be able to get the correct sizes. Enjoy your shopping spree.

Dear Dr

I heard my friends talking about a munch and didn’t know what it was. I don’t want to seem knowledgeable so I didn’t ask. So what is it please and what happens there?



Hi T

A munch is simply a meeting of people interested or involved in the BDSM community. They occur in vanilla settings and are about getting to know other people with the same interests. This is not the same as a play party, you would not go dressed in fetish gear or expect there to be any playing opportunities. Sometimes they are held at fetish venues such as alternative clubs. They are usually easy to find via sites such as Fetlife and if you are new to the lifestyle then they are a great place to start. If you do attend one please write and tell us about your experience.

Right then party people, until next time – stay decadent!



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