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So as you all know we were at the book launch for Vanilla Experience by Louisa Berry at Le Boudoir last week. While we were there we were treated to a private tour by the owner which was an interesting interlude.

We especially enjoyed checking out the dungeons downstairs along with the Dark Room. These fabulous spaces are kitted out with some fantastic accessories for playtime and the two cages were very large, in fact, more like cells. There is also a library or headmasters office whichever is your fantasy.

From there we went to, the orgy room and with so many beds to choose from you are definitely spoilt for choice.

On the ground level, there are more playrooms and the very comfortable meeting area.

As a thank you for the tour we thought it only fair to share one of the reviews of Le Boudoir rather than reviewing the club we partied at this week, we will save that for another day.

“Rating fabulous

We have been to many clubs in London, mostly from the fetish scene. However, we have to admit with a great pleasure, that LB is real high class! We have never been uncomfortable there. The staff is very competent and friendly. We always meet sexy couples and sometimes unicorns. We love using different rooms, especially the quite well-equipped dungeon. Our last discovery was the headteacher’s office. We recommend LB to all who do not want to be disappointed.”IMG_4586

After the launch, the author very kindly sent me a personalised copy of the book which I will be reviewing for you soon. I have delved into the naughtiness held within and so far it is a very entertaining read. I will let you know my thoughts soon.


We are all very excited about the upcoming New Year’s Eve party and there are still some tickets left so get yours before they sell out. It is going to be the party of the year.


Surgery is open, how can I help you this week?

Hi Dr Dan

We have just started our exploration into swinging and wondered if you had any recommendations for a good book to read about the lifestyle, more factual rather than a novel.


Thank you for your message and congratulations on starting your swinging journey. There are some great books out there but the one I would recommend is The Lifestyle: A look at the erotic rites of Swingers. Though not written by a swinger, award-winning investigative journalist Terry Gould does the Lifestyle justice as he delves into the sub-culture. It is an honest, open and many-layered depiction of a scene that many still feel is a taboo. Hope you enjoy your bedtime reading.


Hi Dr

I was wondering what the difference between polyamorous relationships and a stable is. I read on social media that a stable is not consensual, that can’t be right, can it?

Hi there, unfortunately not everything you read on social media is correct. There is always consent involved whatever the kink or lifestyle, otherwise it is abuse and that is not ok. Polyamorous comes from the Greek for many and the Latin for love and it means just that, it is the practice of relationships with more than one partner with the knowledge and consent of all partners. This is a full relationship, not just sexual but emotional as well. Polyamory has been described as “consensual, ethical and responsible non-monogamy”. A stable, however, is where one (or a group of) Dominants will have a group of submissives to train. Similar to a harem, Doms are often described as Collector or Farmer Doms if they have a stable and this is mostly found in online D/s relationships though there are real-life Doms/Dommes who have a stable of slaves. The most important point here though is that either is consensual.

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