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headerAfter the amazing night we had at Spearmint Rhino for the UK Glamour Awards we are still seeing them everywhere on social media with new photos and videos appearing daily. Well done to the team, there really is no slowing down this glamourous juggernaut.

So last weekend we were out on the scene in the south again, having visited Bedfordshire’s Vanilla Alternative and Dagenham’s Paradise Spa we decided to try out Mingles in Colchester. This over 25’s private member’s club received great reviews on fabswingers.com so we wanted to see what all the noise was about. As you know we always like to check reviews before attending a club, the Dr’s time is very precious after all! Once again you guys are spot on!

“The adage ‘the best things come in small packages’ certainly applies to this club.

Do not be fooled by its discreet and unassuming exterior.

The interior, although not large, is very well presented and spotlessly clean. There is a good choice of social and play areas to suit all moods.

The hosts were both professional and friendly and were always on hand to keep their guests happy.

Although this was our first visit to this club, the members made us feel very welcome and relaxed.

Looking forward to returning soon.”

The club was very relaxed and the decor sumptuous. Mingles prides itself on concentrating on the social aspect of the scene. The staff were discreet but always on hand if the patrons required anything and the club was well stocked with all you could need for an amusing evening out. We met some lovely people and enjoyed a very lively and exciting evening at Mingles. We will be sure to return.

Wednesday night saw us come across a bike fest at Oakdene Cafe. We do love our exploits to be high octane and the meet was full to capacity with everyone there but the boys in blue, thankfully, as the talented riders were certainly up to all sorts of antics on two wheels. We delighted in the tricks they were performing and the raucous sound of the engines mingling with the cheers of the crowds.


So you lovely lot have stopped being so shy and have sent in some questions, well the Dr will see you now…

Dear Dr Decadence

I have been thinking about swinging for a while but I don’t know how to convince my partner. Do you think I should just take her to a club and see if she gets in the mood? Or talk about it first?

Thanks, ‘A’

Well A, I think it’s great that you want to start broadening your activities with your partner, however, it’s very important that it is a mutual agreement. You need to talk to her first to see if it’s something she would consider. Maybe do some research into clubs together and agree to go to one to have a look around, stress that she doesn’t have to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. Good luck and happy swinging.

Dr Doctor

You’ve got to help me, I don’t know who else to ask. The other week when it was warm my neighbour’s daughter was sunbathing, she’s 20 – I’m not a perv or anything! Now I’m a red blooded man so I took the opportunity to watch out of the bathroom window and well, I got a bit excited so was doing a bit of self service. Anyway, I finished and turned around, my wife was standing there watching me. Does this mean she is into voyeurism?

Thanks in advance


Well S, firstly thank you for the message. I think the question you should be asking is are you into voyeurism? As you yourself were watching the young lady next door. It is very important to remember that though voyeur can be fun for both the watcher and the watched, both parties have to be in agreement. Kinks and fetishes are great, with two (or more) consenting adults. What you were actually doing is called a peeping tom. As for your wife, I would suggest talking to her, you may find that she was more annoyed than turned on.

DecadenceUntil next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent!



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