Tattooed temptress Beth Fay


Beth fay (1)You would be forgiven for thinking you have seen beautiful model Beth Fay before, she has actually graced the ‘pages’ of the Daily Sport having attended group photoshoots arranged by Niz Uddin. We sat down for a chat the other evening and Beth told me what enamours about her career and the automotive industry.

Beth says that she enjoys modelling for the confidence boost and the places it takes you, “I’ve been all over doing it and you wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to go to these places otherwise.” Her career has taken her all the way to LA, on a trip organised by ex-Playboy Bunny Kerry Parker, where she had the amazing fortuity to shoot in Eddie Murphy’s house and on the Baywatch beach.Beth fay (2)

The model who has been in the industry for the last 6 years began her journey after winning a competition for a photo shoot in York. Putting the photos on Facebook attracted local photographers which in turn attracted photographers from further afield and the rest, as they say, is history. Surprisingly from her slightly more alternative appearance, she did use to do pageants in her youth, “it used to be my thing but not anymore…” she stopped when her personal style was frowned upon by institutions such as MIss England, “Miss England was very strict, no piercings or tattoos, normal hair, have to speak well and have no glamour photos in the past, they want you to look like a Princess and then I started doing glamour shoots so I really didn’t fit the rules then.” Though gorgeous, she doesn’t see herself as the princessy type, “I’m not really a princessy type, I prefer to shoot in an abandoned building with spooky lighting.” Though Beth also doesn’t see herself as fitting into the alternative model mould, “tattoos are really in vogue right now and are addictive, although I’ve done alternative shoots I don ‘t consider myself an alternative model as I’m not fully covered and a lot of my tattoos are of my dog which isn’t really very rock and roll, I try to stay between alternative and glamour.” Beth also prefers the glamour style of modelling rather than fashion, “even when I go to a fashion shoot I end up doing glamour poses because I’m so used to it, fashion models have to look very stern and there’s little movement, you don’t tend to see them on the floor with their bum in the air.”

Tattooed Beth lives in the very rural North Yorkshire and that has had an impact on the types of shoots she does, “I did a shoot for a Tractor Totty calendar, that went down well round my way as everyone’s a farmer.”Beth fay

Sorry boys, this beautiful babe is taken and boyfriend Alex is not just supportive but quite possibly wouldn’t mind giving it a go himself, “Alex always wants to come to my shoots, if I leave him alone he ends up having his picture taken, I think he wants to be a glamour model,” and a little birdy told me that he’s quite partial to dressing up having tried on a few of Beth’s more provocative items of clothing, including promo catsuits, maybe there will be some joint shoots in the future.

Porsche green, suped up, Mini Cooper driving Beth met boyfriend Alex through their joint love of cars as they were both in the same facebook group Modified Addicts. Alex who runs the car detailing company Attention 2 Detail often calls Beth up because his clients have asked for her to do shoots with their cars so she has the opportunity to pose with supercars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis as well as being a grid girl and doing promo modelling at car shows. Beth has done so many car shoots in her local area that she’s even shot with the same car twice with different owners, it must be funny thinking “…I’ve already laid on this car.” Not only has modelling seen her lying on supercars but also rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Guy Martin who she didn’t recognise,”we were sent off to find the guy with big sideburns, none of us knew who he was and it was Guy Martin,” and Great British Bake Off guru Paul Hollywood when he was racing his Aston Martin.Beth fay (4)

Beth has discerning tastes in motors and her dream car would be a grey Maserati, though even if she did have one she would still want a Mini Cooper as she loves driving her little motor. It’s not just supercars she likes, she also has a love for classics like the Ford Escort Cosworth and American muscle cars, “any kind of Mustang…it’s nice to see all the big cars in America, then you come back here and everyone is driving a Corsa.”

It’s not merely driving and posing on that Beth enjoys about cars, “I love driving my car but I love watching and looking at cars, I love rally cars, all the stickers, and the mud; it’s awesome!”Beth fay (3)

So car loving, rally watching, tattooed babe Beth is really making a mark in the world of glamour modelling and I’m sure you will be seeing more of her delectable self soon. Before we ended our chat I asked her if she had any advice for aspiring models, “don’t get involved in all the bitching that goes on, you see it all the time between people in the industry on social media. Stay out of it and just continue to do what you enjoy.”

Wise words from the lovely Beth.





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