Tatts amazing


When it comes to body art I’m quite fond of tattoos and have just proudly sat through 10hrs of euphoric needles in my ribs to complete a beautiful custom phoenix freehanded by my amazing tattooist John Capasao of RedInk Aylesbury.1

Now I know tattoos aren’t for everyone and some may say that it ruins the beauty of skin but for me it’s incredibly meaningful, inspirational and captures the story of my life, love and beloved family perfectly. After all, there’s very little in life that nobody else can ever take away from you and I’ll happily be buried in my birthday suit to celebrate the wonderful memories I’ve made – and inked onto my skin – along the way.5

I chose to have a phoenix on my ribs this time to mark turning thirty in October as it’s been one heck of a crazy year for me and I never realised how strong I was capable of being until being strong was my only option. My tattoos are inspired by peace, love and family and as such I have angel wings, feathers, hearts, roses, a dove, Hamsa hand and Hungarian scripts to name but a few, but this is the first tattoo I’ve had which is ultimately fierce and empowering.2

Seeing as I’m gradually running out of space on my body to discreetly place new tattoos I decided to fill up one side of my ribs as I had a dove inked in my bra-line a couple of years ago and didn’t find it too painful. A lot of people find the ribs a particularly tender area to tattoo but I absolutely loved the experience and would happily do my other side too – I even fell asleep at one point.3

To me the phoenix symbolises rebirth, survival, hope and passion rising from a blaze of glory. We can all too easily become weighed down by the responsibility and troubles of daily life, a spell of bad luck, losing loved ones and being treated unfairly. But it’s a beautiful reminder of what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and to appreciate and be grateful for the positives surrounding us; I absolutely adore my custom piece and will cherish the new addition to my body art forever. 4



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