Life is never a dull moment  when you’re Britain’s Flashiest Playboy & this week has  certainly been no exception!

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I love a curry at least once a week. And a curry without an accompanying beer is like toast with no butter. For me there is only 1 beer to have with a curry and that is Cobra beer.

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So on Monday I was fortunate enough to be invited as a special guest with my friend Syed Belal, the Boss of the UK Curry Life Awards to join him and his good friend Lord Karan Bilimoria the founder & Chairman of Cobra beer to see the new West End Play ‘Wind In The Willows’ at the Dominion Theatre  & a curry after at Mint Leaf restaurant on Haymarket.Danny Lambo (7)

West End musicals are either a hit or a miss for me and ‘Wind In The Willows’ is a definite hit! From the acting of the main cast including ‘Loose Women’s’ Denice Welch, to the singing,  to the storyline. It was truly  a magical, highly entertaining experience and bought out the child in me singing along to songs I had never even heard before.Danny Lambo

I saw myself as ‘Mr Toad’. Very flash and always wanting to entertain and be successful but also very loyal to his dearest friends. I saw the same qualities in Lord Bilimoria and his lovely down to earth wife Lady Heather Bilimoria who also joined us for dinner.

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Like myself Lord Bilimoria has a rags to riches story and it’s people like that who to this day continue to inspire me, despite my own successes.Danny Lambo (2)

Borrowing £20,000 in 1989 from a bank whist still a student he decided  to create a mix of a beer & lager that wouldn’t bloat you after a curry . This became Cobra beer and within a decade  it was sold in 45 countries and the brand worth millions.

One thing I’ve learned about creative millionaires is that we are all very down to earth and Lord Bilimoria is another great example which I found out over a curry with him & his wife at Mint Leaf Restaurant in Haymarket. I look forward to my next curry with them both!

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Being a multi millionaire allows you to spoil yourself from time to time. Hey come on now, no one else is going to do it! So on Wednesday I headed down to Harrods  to make my wrist a little bit heavier! The latest edition to my ever expanding watch collection was the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (limited edition 1 of 500) in gold and black. Some might say £70,000 is an insane amount of money to pay for a device that just tells you the time but like cars, limited edition watches are actually a very smart investment these days with prices rising rapidly!  A small tip for you all!

Sadly, this has not been a good month for my beloved home city of London. What with the three  terrorist attacks and the tragic events at  the Grenfell Tower fire in West London where so many lost their lives I could sense the sadness and gloom all around me.

I decide to bring some fun and smiles back to London the only way I know how.  On Thursday night I decided to become the first person in world history to cook a specially designed Lamborghini pizza with the flame kit on my orange Lamborghini Murcielago!  I usually eat in Mayfair and Knightsbridge but when it comes to family and friends loyalty comes first so despite requests from some of the poshest Italian restaurants in Central London to assist me in this stunt I headed off to Gunnersbury in Ealing to a genuine family owned Italian Pizza Cafe! A big thank you to the owner and my friends Leo and Mark for all their hard work in setting this up.

I’ll let the video do the talking now. Enjoy!

Check me out next week to see the crazy, extravagant life of Britain’s Flashiest Playboy!


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