UK Glamour Award Winner Bianca Maria Morton


I spent a lovely chilled Sunday afternoon chatting to award-winning model Bianca Maria Morton about her busy schedule and hopes for the future.

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Thursday 14th September saw Miss Morton attending the long-anticipated UK Glamour Awards at London’s Spearmint Rhino on Tottenham Court Road along with the creme de la creme of the modelling and glamour industries and as a smattering of celebs. Having seen the press launch for the awards advertised by Spearmint Rhino MD Jeremy Nargi on Facebook she attended with the view to network. Once at Hyde in Kensington she was encouraged to enter the awards Maria told me that she didn’t expect to win anything “…I never thought I would win, I just entered to get my name out there. AS I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD WIN”

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Maria rocked the awards in a glorious gold dress which sparkled and twinkled under the lights thanks to the excess of diamantes which covered the floor length gown. She received a lot of compliments on the night for the dress which she had purchased just a few days before in Finsbury Park but said that as nice as the dress was it was a lot of hard work to wear, “It looked really nice but was really hard to wear because it was long and heavy, people were stepping on it, even I was stepping on it. I kept having to lift it up.”


Bianca had met celebrity judges Izzy Beaumont and Danny Lambo previous to the awards night, Izzy she met at Henley Regatta and Danny at previous publicity events for the awards, at Hyde and The Ace Cafe. Izzy was one of the judges that voted for Bianca when she won her award and Izzy told me she said: “she (Bianca) looks like a princess in that gold dress.” Bianca had a great time at the ceremony “…it was nice to win and a great night.”


Beautiful Bianca is a very busy lass indeed, working as a door hostess at Zebrano on Soho’s infamous Greek Street, as well as being a Promo and Ring Girl on top of her modelling work. And her busy schedule doesn’t end there, having already attended one awards ceremony this month she also attended The National Reality Television Awards four days later.

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Bianca likes to look unique and that is very evident in her style and dress sense, her Mediterranean background is indisputable in her flawless skin and full dark curly locks. Her Italian heritage also manifests itself in the cars she likes as she is quite partial to Italian motoring such as Lamborghini and Ferrari’s. She loved posing with the Lambo’s at events she has been to recently and if she was to have a supercar would want one in pink or purple like the memorably loud version driven by Danny Lambo. She also really likes convertibles and loves the idea of taking the top off when it’s sunny (I’m sure that’s an image many men would enjoy also). However, once she finishes learning to drive she thinks she would like something small like a Mini or Smart Car as it would suit her tiny 5ft 3in frame.

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The East London girl describes herself as a”…city girl but with a love for the beach life too, I would love to live somewhere like Miami for the weather and chilled atmosphere but London is great for the close proximity to jobs.” Another place she would love to live is New York, having visited a friend there this year. Whilst there she had the opportunity to work with some local photographers, “…I did two photo shoots, a video shoot and went to the radio station twice. One of the shoots was on the day I was coming home, I did it with just 3 hours sleep. It was Memorial Day weekend and I had to do this shoot in Jersey in just a few hours before rushing off to the airport.”

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Bianca who has done a lot of promotional modelling, exhibitions and been in Red and Black Magazine would love to do more work for publications and is hoping to work again with the Monster Mad Crew over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled, you’re sure to see more of her.


Having been bullied quite badly as a child you can see where she gets her drive from and feels it’s important to show the bullies that they didn’t win, to move on and make something of herself. I asked her if she had any advice for aspiring models, “You have to go for your dream, I don’t want to have any regrets so I push myself. It’s nice when you’re in the lifestyle but stay humble and don’t let it go to your head.”


So what does the future hold for this luscious babe? “I would like to get into Belly dancing but my dream is to open a ‘Star Now’ style agency for women.” With her beauty and drive, I have no doubt that she will do anything she sets out to.

Photos by Anglocreative for DAILY SPORT


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