UK Glamour Awards Packs Out Spearmint Rhino


UKGA TKHosting the UK Glamour Awards has to be one of the most inspiring, entertaining and craziest nights of my life and I literally haven’t stopped smiling since! We’re all far too familiar with stuffy school assembly halls filled with parents yawning, babies crying and painfully unenthusiastic teachers talking so quietly on stage that only the front row can hear. So when Tottenham Court Road got shut down by roaring Lamborghini’s, flashbulbs from the press and a flurry of gorgeous giggling models in tight dresses and sky-scraper heels it certainly set the awards off with a bang.


Having the who’s who of the glamour industry altogether I was amazed at just how many people I knew from photographers and stylists to makeup artists, doctors and brands. Everybody looked incredible, like, jaw-dropping hot and it was so good to see so many positive, upbeat and smiling faces everywhere I looked. The entertainment industry is known for being cut-throat, girls being in competition with one another and business being business, but that’s something the UK Glamour Awards has totally squashed as it was an evening to celebrate beauty in every different shape, size and style.


As children we’re constantly praised for the smallest of achievements, whether we hop on one leg, mess up the words to a song, draw a really wonky picture or hit a few duff notes on a piano the cameras come out, everybody cheers and we’re surrounded with instant love and adoration. Yet when we reach adulthood we seem to get nothing but criticism from others over what we wear, how big or small we are, our choice of hair colour and deliberated success of a career. It’s changed from everybody praising others to suddenly pulling people down which I think is ridiculous because we are all unique and true beauty comes from within.


The UK Glamour Awards certainly achieved what it set out to do, to unite women, cheer one another on and celebrate every individual curve, contour and ounce of courage that it takes to step in front of a camera in the first place. It’s a difficult thing putting yourself in the public eye and accepting everything that goes with it, the compliments, complaints and constant judgement from strangers. Personally I adored every woman I met on stage at the awards and if I could have done I would’ve hugged everyone, high five’d and cracked open another bottle of champagne because life is far too short to put others down and you can never understand what people are going through in their private lives unless you walk a mile in their shoes. It’s rarely apparent how much strength it takes for somebody to put a smile on their face and leave their house every morning, to look in the mirror and see every flaw and weakness staring back at you yet still pull on that slinky dress and heels. To be trembling inside with nerves yet standing tall in front of others. So let’s celebrate individuality, the beauty within us all and recognise that life is so much sweeter when we build each other up and treat others how we’d like to be treated. It’s all about sisterhood girls!

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I’d like to say a big congratulations to everybody who took part in the awards; the amazing organisers, stunning Spearmint Rhino venue, talented judges, staff, models, guests and all of the unsung heroes who made so many smiles possible. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did – here’s to the next one!


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