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Weekend 5 Minutes with Jessica

Posted on by Miles Moore

Today we chat to the sexy Jessica and here is what she had to tell all you SPORT readers on this February Friday…..Enjoy the WEEKEND.
Jessica (2)Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as? Jessica
Q2. Where are you from? Manchester
Q3. Age? 23Jessica (3)
Q4. What do you have for tattoos and how many hours have you put into them? I have a tiger cub tattoo on my side, the tattoo took 7 sessions. An hour a session. I have a love heart tattoo down below, that one took 10 min. I also have a piercing just under it, both Just above the clit,
Q5. Any piercings? I have my belly pierced and ears
Q6. How did you get your started in your industry? By free lance photographers
Q7. How long have you been in the business? 5 yearsJessica (8)
Q8. What are some of your previous projects? Working helping photographers with brands and company’s
Q9. Do you have any upcoming projects? Yes. Can’t say too much yet ;-)
Q10. What type of music do you listen to and who is your favourite band or artist? I love dance / hip hopJessica (4)
Q11. Do you have any hobbies? I love my hot yoga and walking, jogging and I also love to dance
Q12. Are you into video games? Nope not no more hehe :)Jessica (6)
Q13. Favourite sports and who is your favourite teams or persons? I like David Beckham. He ain’t just a good foot ballplayer but he has a lovely face  :)
Q14. Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie? I love Mr and Mrs Smith And the new mechanic with Jason who is really hot. 2016, I also like blood father. 2016
Q15. Favourite type of food and favourite meal? I have always and still have a favourite meal which is lamb chops, prawn salad with garlic new potatoes. Yumi!Jessica (5)
Q16. Favourite alcoholic drink? Bloody Mary, Desperadoes, Malabu and Coke.
Q17. Your No.1 inspiration in life? Top glamour / pin up model for top company’s or a professional dancer
Q18. Measurements? I’m 5ft7 tall. Size small, 6-8. Size 5 shoe, 32B Boobs.Jessica (1)
Q19. Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex? In the woods, in the middle of no were, In a tree house :) on a cliff ;) on a roof ..
Q20. Do you prefer to make love or f**k? Both
Q21. Favourite sexual position? Lots But doggy is definitely the best ;)Jessica
Q22. An interesting or unusual fact about you? I’m very naughty but very nice and naturally cute :) such a tease.
Q23. Social media?  Facebook : Jessica Annah  Instagram: Jessica_annah
Twitter: @Jessica_annah

Pictures by Tribal Photos for DAILY SPORT

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