Autumn is Coming. Prepare for Indoor Sports on your Phone


However unfortunate this may sound to many of you, it has to be said: summer is over. The heat wave is long gone, replaced by cooling days and pinching mornings. Soon, the leaves will start to fall, followed by endless streams of rain that turn the days into gloomy, dull periods of low light and an even lower mood. This is especially harsh for sports lovers that spent most days of the summer moving in the great outdoors – they will be confined to treadmills, indoor sports grounds, or their rooms, longing for the sunny days to come. To ease their longing for the days of summer, here are some excellent sports-inspired games they can play even in the days with the worst possible weather – to keep the fire burning under the ashes of the days past.

Sports slots for casual fun

While they are no match for actually stepping in the field, the sports slots at All Slots casino online is a great way to remind players of what to expect next summer. Among them, All Slots players – or casual visitors dropping by the All Slots website – can find ones that reach out for inspiration to popular sports like football (Football Star, Shoot!), cricket (Cricket Star), Rugby (Rugby Star), and many others. They might not be as exciting as kicking the ball in the park but they are the perfect alternative when you only have a few minutes to play – and the rain is pouring outside.

Sports simulators

PC and console games always come in handy when the weather locks you inside. If back in the day, these games had to be played against computer-controlled opponents, today this is no longer a case: many of them can be played against real opponents, often half a world away, over the internet.

The fans of many sports can find what they are looking for among the great sports simulator titles available today – they can choose from titles like EA Sports’ FIFA series (football), NBA series (Basketball), NHL (ice hockey), NFL (American football), and many others. Some of the titles are even available for smartphones, so players can take the sports action with them wherever they go.

Mind sports

The summer is a time when the body gets most of the action. In the winter, it’s the mind’s turn to be trained. Sports like chess, poker, and scrabble might not push the body to the limit but it does the same for the mind – mind sports are proven to be beneficial in the long term for the functioning of the brain and through the development of various skills. These sports can be practised casually online or they can be played professionally both in real life or over the internet. Trust us – they are far less boring than they sound from the outside.


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