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Businessman offers Mayweather $2million for KO sponsorship

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Money Mayweather has been offered a $2,000,000 sponsorship deal by UK businessman Oliver Hickey the man behind social media website UnicornHunterz.com.

Hickey is so confident that Mayweather get’s KO’d by MMA king Conor McGregor that he’s offers a STAGGERING $1,000,000 per boot to sponsor the soles of Floyd Mayweather’s boots when the pair CLASH in Las Vegas on August 26.

Hickey told DAILY SPORT “All these people are saying Conor won’t land a glove on Floyd Mayweather. You know he’s the world champion in Mixed Martial Artist at two weights and has also beaten the number 4 ranked fighter two weights above. Most of his wins are by Knock Out! He’s going to turn Money into 50 cent and we here at Unicorn Hunterz wanted to show our appreciation by sponsoring Floyd in Conor’s honour.”

DAILY SPORT were unable to get a comment from Mayweather or his management team at this time.

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