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Can You Cop A Few Quid!

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Following the commencement of interviews for the post of Met Police Commissioner, William Hill make Stephen House their 5/4 favourite to be the successful candidate, with Bernard Hogan-Howe 15/8, Sir Hugh Orde 10/3 and Tim Godwin 6/1.

“The highest percentage of money staked – some 75%-  has been for Stephen House, who seems to have trumped  the other contenders with his strong policies on gang related crime in Strathclyde and he has been cut from an opening 12/1 to 5/4,” said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.’We have now closed our book as we have no idea how the interviews may have gone.’

William Hill Next Metropolitan Police Commissioner closing odds: 5/4 Stephen House; 15/8 Bernard Hogan-Howe; 10/3 Sir Hugh Orde; 6/1 Tim Godwin.

DAILY SPORT says Tim Godwin the acting boss could be a good bet at 6/1.

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