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Daily Sport Christmas party eclipses all others this festive season

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Adult Genie recently teamed up with The Daily Sport to throw a lavish Christmas party as a wonderfully festive finale to the year.


Spearmint Rhino where the party was held was adorned with a flurry of Christmas lights to rival those from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Outfits were skimpy and barely there, the drink was free flowing and the atmosphere was electric with party goers buzzing around the venue.


Rocky 9 live streamed his Channel 4 programme from the foyer, which was hosted by the gorgeous Celebs Go Dating Star Izzy Beaumont and a crowd buzzed around eager to take part and get involved in the action.


Revellers on the night included various top name glamour models, porn stars and many from the adult industry, who all came together to celebrate alongside big brand names in the spirit of Christmas.


It’s not the first-time Adult Genie has brought together mainstream and adult industries with parties that are rammed to the rafters and full of shiny happy people. Back in September they ran The UK Glamour Awards which was attended by famous Babestation stars, fashion designers and television celebrities.


Adult Genie have established themselves not only as a cutting-edge provider of webcam services, but also as a successful event company and an indomitable force that seem to be taking over the London party scene.DSC_2879


Word has it that the brand is already planning their next big event which is set to be something slightly different next time round. It’s all very hush hush right now but you can be sure that if Genie are involved it’s going to be an astronomical affair. Stay tuned for more news on this!DwefSC_2315

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