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latex (3)Today, The Daily Sport takes a sneak preview into the world of Latex Fashion TV and catches up with owner and entrepreneur Cole Black who founded the brand.latex (5)


Latex Fashion TV is an online channel dedicated to latex and fetish fashion and has created 300 sizzling shows of shininess to date.


Cole’s first introduction to latex was when his girlfriend came home wearing the shiny fabric. He instantly fell in love with the look and later decided to build an empire around the idea. Being surrounded by latex clad babes all day in exotic location sounds like every man’s dream and Cole tells us that whilst some of the girls wear latex only for shoots, many of them love to wear it partying and some even wear it every day!


Over the years, he has witnessed various wonderful and wacky shoots but admits that the worst thing to happen actually took place at a nightclub. He told us:



“A latex outfit did get snagged and exploded after being filled with air at a club one night. Unfortunately, it was mine.” 


If you are new to wearing latex, Cole suggests starting with something simple like a dress, skirt or a pair of leggings so that is easier to slip into. According to him, a gradual process is more enjoyable and the wearer will adapt more quickly to wearing items such as full cat suits.


Cole is no stranger to wearing latex himself and can often be found at events wearing a latex shirt emblazoned with the company logo LFTV


 latex (2)

 He told us:


I’ll probably be wearing it at the Adult Genie Daily Sport Christmas party, so it won’t be hard to spot me!”


The latex lover and self-made man sponsored The UK Glamour Awards back in September and will be filming at the party on 7th December in Spearmint Rhino’s flagship venue on Tottenham Court Road.  We wondered if Cole might be bringing a few of his models with him and he confirmed that he would indeed be bringing his latex encased babes to “shiny up the club!”


However, it’s not all parties and lounging around in latex according to Cole. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes and it seems all the hard work has paid off and the brand will see their episodes broadcast on an American television channel in 2018. Cole also revealed:


“We have features coming up with women who wear latex as part of their lifestyle – some for fashion, some on stage, there’s even a dominatrix. We have some secret plans with Genie too, anything we can do to make the world a shiner place.”latex (4)


It seems that Latex Fashion TV has also become a very welcome member of the Adult Genie family, and with the two brands working together side by side, they will surely become an indomitable force!


LFTV will be filming at the Adult Genie Daily Sport party this Thursday. Come and check out the carnage and join in the Christmas festivities and mayhem!latex (1)


You can also subscribe to LFTV on Youtube and follow them on social media, just look for LatexFashionTV, and visit the website to find out what’s happening in the shiny world of latex!


Youtube – www.youtube.com/latexfashiontv

Website – www.latexfashion.tv 

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