From Miss Derby Galaxy to the UK Glamour Awards


20751547_10212690158264146_1305005836_nThis week I chat to the beautiful Amy Louise Page about the DAILY SPORT sponsored UK Glamour Awards and her lack of car knowledge.


Part time model Amy, who at 5ft 4 is on the petite side, has only recently moved on to the Glamour side of the industry with previous experience of fashion modelling and pageants, having won the title of Miss Derby Galaxy 2016/17. Amy has always wanted to move into the Glamour industry but felt she didn’t previously have the confidence, thankfully for us all, that’s no longer a problem. Amy is a contestant in the UK Glamour Awards and is participating in three categories including the Glamour Model category and Best Newcomer, she is very excited about next month’s award ceremony and is “…very passionate…” about her glamour career.


Amy does not drive herself but says she does “…love cars…” but doesn’t “…know much about them…”. Although she did try to learn when she was younger she didn’t feel she had any confidence on the road but would like to try again. So what would she choose if she did learn to drive? She’s not sure but it would have to be something sporty and white; “…I like white cars, they look so nice when they are clean, I’d like a convertible too and a personalised number plate.” Though being comfortable in a car is important to Amy, she says the most important factor is how it looks, well who doesn’t like a sexy sleek sports car?

Photo by Dave Bodey


As you can see from her pictures, she likes a big throbbing machine between her legs, although she’s “…never been on the back of one…” other than in the name of art of course! She would like to though “…I think I would, I’m quite a daredevil and like speed.”


A nice car does make a man more attractive to Amy, though sorry boys, she already has a fella! The most exciting car she has had the opportunity of being a passenger in was a yellow Lamborghini; “…it was amazing, it was really low down, it goes so fast…” I can imagine that with her penchant for short, sexy and revealing dresses, getting in and out of a Lambo was akin to Catherine Zeta Jones acrobatically dodging the lasers in Entrapment.


Photo by David Ashton

Amy hopes that her involvement in the awards will lead to on to bigger and better opportunities and is excited about the possibilities, maybe the future will include that white convertible sports car…

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