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Get Lucky with a Daily Sport Babe

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Yes your No.1 Daily Sport has gone and done it! The nation’s favourite brings you the hottest Daily Sport Babes Katie K, Jeana Brock, Jessica Ann and Terrie Hawkes straight to your Smartphone for your pleasure. Play with Daily Sport Babes and WIN CASH!

That’s right Daily Sport bring you BIG CASH Scratchcards on your Touchscreen Smartphone.

So if you’ve ever fancied getting lucky with a Daily Sport Babe now’s your chance, simply Text SCRATCH3 to 89944 or point your mobile browser at www.dailysportscratch.com and have a game with your favourite Daily Sport Babe.

What are you waiting for? Play with a Daily Sport Babe today!

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4 Responses to Get Lucky with a Daily Sport Babe

  1. 3rd January, 2012
    Paul forrester said:

    Terrie hawkes is a goddess love her xxxx

  2. 2nd January, 2012
    Steve said:

    Jessica is awesome!! Wow more of her please!

  3. 14th December, 2011
    Martin Perry said:

    terrie hawkes all the way, fact!

  4. 12th December, 2011
    michael said:

    Hiya Jessica. Pics. She is sexy

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