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Greek puts his granny on the game

Posted on by Miles Moore


Your fav tabloid was contacted by a local Greek journalist who wanted us to hide his identity for fears of reprisals after speaking out, so we’ll call him Stavros.

Stavros told DAILY SPORT how since the Greek economy hit the skids and the average man on the street hasn’t got the proverbial “POT TO P*SS IN” people have resorted to drastic measures. Stavros said”My young neighbour has event sent his 86yo granny out working on a street corner to pay the bills.”

DAILY SPORT has found that this isn’t an isolated incident either with more and more pensioners now one the game to make ends meet, especially with the tourist season now in full swing or should we have said “FULL OF SWINGERS”.

We contacted Greek police authorities on this but they declined to comment.

Daily Sport says – Never mind Greece thinking of leaving the EUROZONE we think that anyone with such a lack of respect for the elderly should be tried at the Hague

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