Hot Girls and Hot Cars with Karolina Saunders


IMG_2591Beautiful #TeamDailySport ringgirl and Spearmint Rhino promo girl Karolina Saunders is a big car lover though by her own admission wouldn’t consider herself a petrol head as she struggles to remember the car names. She does, however, love the Mercedes Benz G Wagon and says, “I like a big car, small cars are nice but I like big things,” I think she was still talking about cars at this point, wink wink.

Being 5ft 6in, Karolina says it can be “a struggle getting in, you have to climb in, or you need a big man to help,” but also believes that it’s sexy for a female to drive something quite big, it certainly is an attractive juxtaposition between a beautiful woman and a substantially powerful machine.IMG_2593

She doesn’t currently drive herself but is in the process of learning and hopes to have passed by Christmas, when she does so she would like to then get an Audi, not a TT though as many girls go for, as we already discovered she prefers things bigger. Karolina is certain about the colour though, “white with a bit of black, maybe blacked out windows in the back to keep that private for when you want a little break on road trips.” I have to wonder what it is she is planning to do on these road trips…

Although the delectable model appreciates all cars, it’s not supercars that do it for her, it’s classic cars that really pique her interest. She is fortunate enough to live near Windsor’s History on Wheels Museum and is planning a visit, “I love old school cars, back then things were made to last. Maybe if I go to the museum they will let me sit in some of the cars.” She loves how passionate the owners of vintage cars are and how there is so much history to the motor cars of the pastIMG_2592

Sorry lads, the coiffured cutie already has a beau, who’s Audi is currently in for repair, but says that a man’s car is important to her, at least in the beginning, “I’m a girl that likes to be impressed at the start, a nice car shows they have a good job.” Though cars are not the be all and end all, she was once collected for a date by a guy in a Rolls Rolls though it seems that the most memorable thing about that was the RR sign glinting off the lights inside the door, “personally I wouldn’t have a Rolls Royce, even if I was rich, they’re not for me, I’d prefer a something like a G Wagon,” she went on to say that Rolls are “…very high class and posh but I wouldn’t want to drive one myself.” Mostly for Karolina, it is personality that is key, “personality is very important, they have to make me laugh and I like a smart guy who’s educated and knows about life.”_MG_1181 (1)

Karolina recently did a promo appearance at Hyde in Kensington for the press launch of the UK Glamour Awards where Chig Patel’s red Lamborghini was a delectable prop to shoot with, “I didn’t get to go in the red Lambo unfortunately, we were too busy having photos taken on top of it.” Cars have also featured in Karolina’s career before as she was a ‘bond girl’ to advertise and promote the release of the last film and posed with some beautiful cars such as a Lamborghini and Bentley’s, also a good friend of hers has a collection of cars which he hires out, so she’s no stranger to a supercar._MG_1210

Karolina would love to do more photoshoots with cars and motorbikes as “…hot girls and hot cars…” go together perfectly! We couldn’t agree more Karolina!!

Photos by AngloCreative for DAILY SPORT



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