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Great LegionsWith his piece “#GREATlegions” and is it trying to refer to GREAT AMERICA speaking to the infamous artist Unorthodox he stated “The feeling of a group that has the power to change a movement and get together I find extremely empowering I have always been fascinated by Legion however this art piece is more of a Snapshot of History they are a prominent part of our lives and I respect them greatly” ps “There are about five pieces all with the Guy Fawkes style face within them I chose it because it is so eerie” The demand for Art pieces from the Illusive Unorthodox have gone crazy since the release of pictures of his TRUMP artwork and he has collectors as far a field as Iran all demanding a chance to snap up his latest pieces. We asked him the Question that many have asked “Are you Banksy ?” as many have reporters in the United States have said his Artwork carries the same Hallmarks unfortunately UNORTHODOX just smirked and gave no comment

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