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It’s Go (Miss) Team GB

Posted on by Alex James

One of the UK’s biggest beauty brands is set to reject Kim Kardashian
wannabes in favour of talent over titillation, reports Alexander James.

London’s final of Miss GB is set to shake-up some big cliches about
glamour next week, by enlisting contestants who think ‘out of the
box’, such as police detectives and lady golf nationals.

The Miss GB competition has been showing off women from the British
Isles since 1945. But for 2017, self-made philanthropist Danny Lambo
is funding a project to find the face to represent London from a
talent pool of everyday ladies, one of which will take the title: Miss
Greater London GB at the final in central London.

This venture has already captivated the imagination of TV producers
both in the UK and abroad, and a behind-the-scenes look at Danny’s
efforts is the subject of a new German TV documentary following the
lives of Londoners.

Now Lambo prefers to use the limelight to draw attention to different
Worthy causes. “The idea is to this as a chance to show the spirit of
that is alive on the streets of the capital, one that is about
bringing together ladies’ with different qualifications, talents,
shapes and dress sizes.” he says.

Among the contestants are Oxbridge undergraduates, barmaids, trainee
PC Detectives and players for the England ladies golf team and many
more. Others come from ethnic backgrounds, such as those of Arabic
descent, but all participate as Londoners.

“I’m a Londoner and I want to show what our city is about the
different influences and people we have here, demonstrating our
capital’s personality is one of diversity,  that we are progressive
and open, so not one of the contestants is a cliche.”

“I also want to show that the UK is a place, that no matter what walk
of life you are from, you can make it. At school I was told I would
not amount to anything and I left with no qualifications, but I was
still determined.”

Danny’s self-made millionaire career started by being signed to Sony,
as part of a band who made it in Japan. He then used the money to
launch a hotel in Paddington, now used in photo shoots for
Vogue, due to its antique furnishings. The equity
from that was invested in hotels across London in Monopoly-style
fashion. Lambo now uses profits to fund events to bring attention to
worthy causes via Miss GB Greater London, and a guilty pleasure of
buying super-cars, including Aston Martins.

“For example, we did a few fund raisers with the ladies and the Red
Cross which is going through a really challenging time with the
conflicts in Syria. Then during the tragic terrorist attack on
Westminster we discovered one of the contestants had a friend who was
related to a victim that had a near-fatal experience, so we raised
funds for that, too,” says Lambo.

Other events that have taken place off the back of the event is an
East End art exhibition at 212 Gallery, Brick Lane, using the women as
a focal point of the pictures.

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