Luscious Kitty Liquor talks burlesque and bikes


21763819_10209542724397936_813382496_nI had the pleasure of spending the evening with beautiful Burlesque babe Kitty Liquor and we chatted into the night about stripping and Rat Rods.

Kitty has been performing on the stage, in burlesque shows, on and off for the last 12 years and although she wouldn’t consider herself an expert, she’s clearly no dilettante. She was first introduced to the scene by a guy she describes as being “…one of the coolest guys I’ve ever come across, he was a bit of a legend on the Rockabilly scene…”, this quiff sporting, teddy boy jacket wearing dude introduced Kitty to the skills and virtues of vintage performers such as The Notorious Bettie Page and she became enthralled by her and the style of performance.

Kitty has performed with many troupes and she co-ran a troupe who once put on a show in a converted chapel, this particular show came to the attention of the Daily Mail back in 2012 and the paper refused to print her name as it apparently had naughtier connotations than its readers could handle over their morning coffee. Mostly her acts consisted of a Betty Page tribute act and props such as a fluffy bunny and a flogger…not at the same time of course, and she focused very very much on story telling. This luscious lady loved the limelight and says that “…being on stage was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done, it could be hell beforehand but once I was up there with the lights and music it was exhilarating.” She has had the chance to appear in some really popular shows where they have even had to turn people away at the doors, “…during a Lesburlesque show the fire department told us we couldn’t have any more people in, we were over capacity and had to turn people away at the door.”IMG_2472

Kitty’s punk roots are still very much evident and she was never a headliner and has always preferred the underground shows as they fit her approach to the art form. Her style is also apparent in the ladies she counts as her inspiration, such illustrious and notorious ladies as the aforementioned Bettie Page (also known as The Girl with the Perfect Figure, The Queen of Curves and The Dark Angel) and 1960’s burlesque legend Satan’s Angel (who’s full monika is Satan’s Angel, the Devil’s own Mistress, Queen of the Fire Tassels). These quintessential retro pin-ups were known for their sultry looks and appealing acts, and though still admired by many today they are also now revered as being pioneers in women’s liberation. Their unabashed sensuality and strongly willed representation of women being the first stepping stone in women feeling able to own their bodies and their sexuality. Without these such ladies, there would be no #TeamDailySport girls.

Kitty is, however, currently taking a break from the world of burlesque and looking to one day delve into her other passion …cars! Or more specifically Rat Rods, “Sin City Motors is one of my favourite shows, Steve Darnell who runs Welderup has a theme for each build, he uses things like wrenches for gear shifts, it’s pretty cool. I’d love to have my own workshop and build my own cars.” The Rat Rod scene certainly goes well with her personal style, “it goes hand in hand with the whole Psychobilly punk thing, sort of Rockabilly taken to the extreme.”

And it’s not just Hot Rods and Rat Rods that Kitty is in to, she loves the whole motorsports affair, naming F1 as a big love, in particular, Australian race driver Daniel Ricciardo, “it doesn’t matter where he is on the podium, he just seems so grateful to be there, he’s humble and thankful for his career.”IMG_2402

Talking about cars, Kitty mentioned that there is often a theme in the cars girls say they like, “they always seem to go for Audis, to be honest, I’d never been a fan until I met my friends who have an Audi workshop and one picked me up in her Audi TT Sportster, this little black car that I literally had to roll myself out of…I love sitting in the workshop while my friend tinkers with a V8 engine and tells me how great Audis are, I’ve been converted.”

It’s not just cars that get Kitty hot under the bonnet, with an interest stemming back to her first boyfriend who was a biker, she plans on getting her bike license and has a tenderness for choppers. She recalled a photoshoot with a Harley Davidson “…I was wearing full on kiss style makeup and had to straddle this huge Harley, the photographer wanted me to lean over the handlebars, I’m only 5ft 2, I had to sit on the engine to reach them.”

So from sultry burlesque beauty to oil streaked Rat Rod builder, whatever Kitty Liquor turns her hand to it will be with loads of style and little bit of punk.

Photos by David Clic for DAILY SPORT

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