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Playboy blows £25,000 in one-hour for Miss GB

Posted on by Alex James

The man who is backing the capital’s entry for Miss GB was seen
splashing £25,000 on bikinis in one-hour this week. They weren’t for
his personal use, reports Alexander James, but to kit contestants out
ahead of the grand final this week.Miss GB - 2017 (3) Miss GB’s London final will take place at a central London venue this
Thursday, and its CEO Danny Lambo who is dubbed ‘the UK’s
flashiest playboy’, decided to kit those competing in their favourite
£500 bikini at a photo call in sports shop, Altimus. All the ladies
competing come in different shapes, and dress sizes, sporting anything
from tattoos, piercings to XL clothes.

Miss GB - 2017 (2)
“The women competing are great, unlike many female contingents I have
seen there is no bitchiness off set. There can only be one winner, so
I wanted to reassure them they are all winners really,” says Lambo.Miss GB - 2017 (4)

The Miss GB Greater London Final takes place in DSTRKT on May 11th.
“Some beauty pageants treat contestants like rubbish, we don’t, so I
decided to step up to the mark and buy all the ladies their favourite
bikini to showcase at the final,” he says.

Miss GB - 2017

That’s the fun side, on the serious side Miss GB Greater London hopes
to raise awareness for worthy causes, some contestants are refugees,
some of the girl’s work for projects like the UK Red Cross, or mental
health care, some study at Oxford, and others are training to be PC
Detectives or are national sports champions.
Miss GB - 2017 (1)
The show has taken on international status with Danny’s efforts being
the subject of a German TV documentary, and German companies such as
the health brand Modi Cur getting behind it. Mobile phone company
Vodafone are involved, with their mobiles being used for creating
video, and the lady’s have already been the subject of an art
exhibition at Brick Lane’s 212 Gallery, by official Miss GB
photographer, Minde LPI, who works with Vogue.Miss GB - 2017 (5)

One campaigning member of the British Red Cross is entering the Miss
GB in the hope of building awareness of human suffering on the planet

The actress Donna Sherifi set-up a theatre company for refugees, and
now is entering Miss GB in a bid to change perceptions about how
vulnerable people are treated across the world.
Miss GB - 2017 (6)
“To be Miss GB you have to have a purpose. It’s not just a beauty
pageant or the title that goes with it, if you have a purpose you can
do something greater,” says Sherifi.

Sherifi set-up the theatre company London Connect that produces
performances where refugees are the stars, with the backing of the
British Red Cross.
Miss GB - 2017 (8)
“It means the refugees who are part of the company get to be centre
stage at many of the big theatres in London, and hopefully this
contest with draw attention to that.”

Miss GB - 2017 (7)

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