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The Xmas Gift Every Man Should Get

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Well with Christmas presents the top of most people priorities at the moment here’s one to bring a smile and some cheer to any guy this festive season and we’re not taking about one of our Daily Sport Babes but a new book out “Insults Every Man Should Know” by Nick Mamatas priced £6.99 in hardback and available from all good bookshops.

This little pocketsized put down device had us laughing our heads off here at the Daily Sport office with one’s like “Thanks for making me dinner; it’s better than hospital food” to “I really like your nails, Are they fake?” and “Your mama’s so fat, when she has her period it look like a murder scene” eek.

Daily Sport says – No matter how much you spend this Christmas remember to spend some time with the nation’s No.1 DAILY SPORT!

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