Rocky9 Productions goes from strength to strength


Rocky and NineRocky and Nine are two brothers who have teamed up to create their own company; Rocky9 Productions. As successful individual businessmen with over 15 years of experience in the Media, Entertainment and Events industry, forming a partnership was inevitable.Rocky9 at Ace cafe Supercar Event

As a production company in their own league, they have brought Podcasting, interviewing and fun back into mainstream events. They are the cutting-edge creative production company who works with the latest technology and make their presence known with vibrant positivity.IMG-20170915-WA0090

Rocky9 Productions are the Kings of Behind the Scenes live streaming and content providers for all your events.IMG-20170923-WA0209

Rocky9 Productions have grown in strength since they began their journey with X-Factor and reality star Danny Lambo who has shown them continual support. Through networking we had the opportunity to meet Grant Miller of the Daily Sport and has since formed a sedate relationship with him. The Daily Sport is now our official sponsor and has given us exposure to elevate our brand. Rocky9 Productions hasn’t only expanded with numbers but also with their followers. Achieving success and greatness with our work ethics, Rocky9 Productions has been called upon for their service by countless organisations and companies. They have had the honour to work with Spearmint Rhino, Adult Genie, Fiat Chrysler for the DAVID BOWIE Art Exhibition, Urban Music Award, UK Glamour Awards, Asian Fashion Beauty Pageant, a book review at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, SM Global Catwalk Fashion Show, Bhojpuri Film Awards, Miss Continental Awards, International Achievements Awards, Miss Great Britain Beauty Pageant Awards and The British Restaurant Awards to name a few. Rocky9 Productions has also given back by working with charities including, Mindset Charity Fundraiser, Harrison 16 Charity Fund and The Little Princess Trust Foundation. The demand for Rocky9 Productions service is sensational. They have live streamed for health and super cars events including The UK Health Radio, Synergie16 and Ace Café Supercar Events. Let’s not forget their very own Rocky9 Show which included Big Brother star Showbiz and Britain’s flashiest playboy Danny Lambo and hosted by Celebs Go Dating star Izzy Beaumount.Rocky9 & Danny Lambo

Rocky9 Productions have now established themselves not only as providers of live streaming services, but also as a successful media company and an unyielding force that will be taking over the world of social media and communication. Rocky9 Productions shows us you can be passionate, determined, creative and build strong business working relationships to enhance longevity and we look forward to growing our business.ROCKY9PRODUCTIONS LOGO

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