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Sneak Behind-Scenes of Miss GB, Greater London

Posted on by Alex James

There will be tears, Bony M and a swathe of women (and men) in sarees.

The Greater London final of Miss GB is fast-approaching, so the Daily
Sport teamed up with Danny Lambo and Channel Jet Set to find out
whether the mood behind-the-set was as upbeat as it will be on the

“One thing for sure, there’s going to be some amazing hair,” says the
man putting on the event is self-made philanthropist Danny Lambo. And
with Bony M being there on the night, it has to be. We caught Danny

We also asked what the judges are looking for:

And because the final is aiming to reflect the diversity of the UK and
its capital, there will be plenty of sarees on stage, so we spoke to
the stylist, Anita:

Then there’s the contestants, we asked them why there were getting involved:

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