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The Only Shag Is Essex

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According to an online survey out today Essex is the favourite Dogging destination in the UK, beating off stiff competition for want of a better word from Kent, London and Hampshire.

So nice to know that something other that Celebs is putting the county of Essex on the map. Following investigations by your Daily Sport we’ve even found that an obscure Eastern European tour operator now offering dogging weekends in Essex.

Daily Sport says – Move over TOWIE you’ve got competition from TOSIE

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5 Responses to The Only Shag Is Essex

  1. 2nd July, 2014
    aleyshareardon said:

    According to Doggin Action Kent is a close second to Essex, must be that corner of the country.

  2. 20th January, 2012
    Dogging Direct said:

    Our research at Dogging Direct shows that the guys and gals in Essex just can’t get enough dogging action. Whether it’s bonking in Braintree, romping in Romford or shagging in Southend, there is always plenty of action going on in the car parks and lanes throughout the county. Your Eastern Europe Tour company (love it) should make Essex their first stop on any UK dogging tour!!

  3. 20th January, 2012
    GIGI petite said:

    This is so funny! My fiancé is from Kent & they’re horny f*****s!!!!!! Lol

  4. 18th January, 2012
    dogger said:

    Yes, not surprised to see dogging in Essex coming up high in the dogging charts – those Essex girls know how to have fun – and the lads like to show off in their fancy cars !

  5. 17th January, 2012
    Let's Go Dogging said:

    Top 10 Dogging locations in the UK for 2011 from letsgodogging.com

    West Midlands
    West Yorkshire

    Bottom 10 Dogging locations in the UK for 2011 from letsgodogging.com

    North Yorkshire

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