Top Tips To Impress A Woman (Without Spending Any Money)


TK-MSB-30-03-2017-3371 copySurprisingly enough there are still women in the world who aren’t shallow gold-diggers looking to have a free life off of a mans hard work; myself being one of the non-diggers I’ll have you know! Naturally if you have the disposable income to constantly make grand gestures to a woman, take her on expensive dates and woo her with luxurious gifts then it can make the whole dating process a heck of a lot easier but in my eyes a longterm emotional connection is far stronger than a disposable material one. At the end of the day nobody wants to get rinsed and then left high and dry after because no amount of money in the entire world can buy you true love or affection and the most important thing that I look for in a guy is for him to be at ease with being himself.

You don’t have to be the best looking, slimmest, most muscly, richest or smartest tool in the box to land the girl of your dreams, just figure out what it is that makes you you and then run with it. Here I’ve comprised my top tips to help you to impress a woman without spending a single penny on her.TK-MSB-30-03-2017-2368 copy

Compliments: Probably the most obvious thing that you can do to woo a woman is to pay her a compliment, yet it’s the way in which you do it that makes all the difference. The old cliche of “Nice eyes love” doesn’t have to be cheesy and throwaway if you expand on what makes her eyes so nice and say it with sincerity. Try “The light really brings out the blue of your eyes.” Or if you’re  actually complimenting her cleavage rather than “Cracking rack love!” go for “What a fantastic cleavage you have, it’s nice to see a girl with confidence!”

Manners: Good manners cost nothing. Never forget your please and thank-you’s, cover your mouth to burp, flush the toilet if you’re going to sneak off to break wind/empty your bowels, close your mouth when you chew and always put the toilet seat down. Good manners show good breeding and upbringing!

Jokes: Jokes are always the perfect ice breaker, even years into a relationship they keep the mood light hearted and upbeat. If you don’t already know any good jokes then look some up and keep them for later because there’s nothing sweeter than making somebody laugh – just steer clear from racist, religious, political or feminist jokes until she gets your sense of humour!g

I Saw This And Thought Of You: A great way to put a smile on her face is to text her screenshots, photos and thoughts throughout the day. Perhaps a picture of her favourite cake, a clip from her favourite TV show or something on a shop display that she’d look nice wearing to show her how well you know her and that she’s always on your mind. It’s nice to know somebody is thinking of you and every girl enjoys getting butterflies when her beau’s name pops up on her phone.

Future Planning: You don’t have to set a date for the wedding or pick names for the first five children that you’re going to have, but acknowledging the future is incredibly reassuring. Perhaps throw into conversation what breed of dog you’d both pick for when you move in together, discuss what countries you’d like to visit on your bucket list, your ideal honeymoon destination and where you’d like to retire. So many people live in the moment within relationships these days and leave at the drop of a hat, to picture a future together is such a heart warming notion that certainly earns those brownie points.i

Always Be You: No doubt relationships are based on compromise and accepting others ways, even if somebody doesn’t share the same views as you, you have to remember that you’re still an individual within a relationship and need to hold onto your own mind and identity. I get frustrated if guys always agree with everything I say because I feel like they’re selling themselves out to please me and I don’t want to be treated like a Princess, more an equal. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground, listen to her views and then explain your own and only agree if you actually agree. 

Remember variety is the spice of life and no two people will ever be 100% compatible but if you stay true to yourself, aim for your equal in life and don’t think so fast with your penis then true love is only a heartbeat away and definitely doesn’t involve your wallet!



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