UKGA takes Leicester by storm ahead of London final Sept 14


UKGA Leics (4)Recently The Uk Glamour Awards took Leicester by storm in the hunt to find the hottest models in town. The party kicked off at Spearmint Rhino with a saucy photoshoot with scantily clad models and Rhino Girls draped over an Audi TT RS. A crowd soon formed as everyone stopped to watch the action and witness this incredible spectacle.

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Models travelled from far and wide in the hope of being spotted by UKGA and some of their sponsors including The Daily Sport and Spearmint Rhino.

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Rocky 9 Productions was in the house snapping and filming glamorous starlets as a prelude to the main awards show and RiRi Images and Keith Mitchell Photography came to lend their support and photograph some of the gorgeous models competing in the UK Glamour Awards competition.

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With just 5 and a half weeks left until the awards, things are seriously hotting up for UKGA who have received interest from various famous television celebrities. UKGA are currently in talks with numerous big name profiles and more on this will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for all the latest hot gossip!

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If you haven’t yet entered the competition then make sure you do so now! The brand are still accepting entrants and have pledged to ensure all entrants receive maximum exposure in their marketing campaign. On the night itself many of the popular tabloid newspapers will be taking residence and reporting on the event, so this year’s entrants could be next year’s household names.

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If you want to attend, but are not a model make sure you purchase your ticket at the earliest opportunity as tickets are limited. You can purchase them here:

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Or enter the contest here.

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