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READER DEAL: Spice up your love life

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Karangarra 10 pills 500x500 - DSAlways one to help our readers out of a FIX, your No.1 DAILY SPORT has teamed up with UK Reader Promotions to offer our readers a superb deal on the AMAZING BLUE PILL!

KANAGARRA AMAZING BLUE PILL Has taken the UK by storm and is bringing back the vigor to sexlives up and down the land.  The pill itself is an all NATURAL potency pill which retails normally at up to £5 per pill, but we’ve gone and done a deal and a half with the manufacturers to bring you 10 FULL STRENGTH PILLS (200mg) for just £10 with FREE discreet delivery to your door.  This represents a saving of up to £40 per pack.

So what are you waiting for? We know all over you want the HOTTEST, HARDEST SEX you’ve every had!!!

TNC’s :  Each pack of 10 pills costs £10 and is delivered to your door for free. By ordering you confirm that you are over 18 years of age and accept that UK Reader Promotions Limited may store your details in order to fulfill your order and facilitate customer services. You may receive free promotional messages. To opt out text STOP to 07700376012



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