Sport Reader Deal: Attract and seduce women


Attractant10We’ve gone a done it with the great SPORT READER OFFER and teamed up with UK Reader Promotions one of the country’s leading mail order company’s to offer you a chance to get your hands on ATTRACTANT 10 this product is the talk of the USA and is the leading PHEROMONE SPRAY in the US.

This retails in the US for $25 + P&P and in the UK for £19.99 + P&P but SPORT READERS aren’t going to pay anything like that!

You’ll get it for just £9.99 with free delivery direct to your door

Reader what consumers in the STATES had to say on ATTRACTANT 10

“I have just got to tell you this. Not only do I currently have four hot girlfriends as a result of using ATTRACTANT 10, but i am also in total control of these relationships. So much so that I currently live with the General Manager of my Department at work, and she pays for everything. I do not spend a dime and live in style, plus my other girlfriends call over here and she takes messages.”

“I was at the bar alone when the girlfriend of my best friend came up to me and told me how manly I looked and what a nice body I had.”

“I have purchased two containers and am pleased with the results. I’ve had the most success in bars and nightclubs and have a beautiful steady girl now whom I met while wearing it.”

“I am pleased to say that I was groped and fondled INTIMATELY at a nightclub by a female…while wearing it on my jacket.”

“A very casual lady friend suddenly seduced me…she shocked me as this was out of character for her.”


Spray ATTRACTANT 10 directly onto your clothing. Apply three or four spray onto the lapel of your coat and another spray to your tie so that motion will waft the aroma around the room. Each pack of ATTRACTANT 10 should last between one and three months, depending on usage.

For the best results bathe, shave and use light aftershave, then spray ATTRACTANT 10 where necessary. The effect of Attractant 10 will vary from individual to individual so experimenting on how much to use is necessary.


lt-half-priceORDER now at

You’ll get it for just £9.99 with free delivery direct to your door

All orders are fulfilled by UK Reader Promotions Limited a company independent of Daily Sport Limited. Any queries regarding this promotion should be directed to UK Reader Promotions Helpline 0333 313 7754


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