Boxing is Back!


After what seems to have been forever, the summer break from professional boxing action is almost over. Thankfully!


Live TV coverage starts tonight with BoxNation showing the Robert Stieglitz v Arthur Abraham world super middleweight title clash from Germany, a Sauerland Event promotion. This is a great match up as its a very hard fight to call, Stieglitz is a good operator and can box well but sometimes gets drawn into a fight. King Arthur was a fearsome man down at middleweight but hasn’t quite carried his reign of terror up to super middle. Arthur himself knows this is more than likely his last chance at redemption after two one sides losses out of his last five fights. In the brilliant Super-Six tournament Carl Froch totally took him apart and Andre Ward followed suit to shatter Abraham’s fearsome reputation for good. My feeling is Stieglitz knows what he must do and is capable enough to stick to his boxing, overcome some sticky patches, but ultimately wins on points.




Sky television’s Ringside show put together a fantastic program for this weeks edition, focusing on the personalities of three of British Boxing’s big names in Kell Brook, Carl Frampton and Tony Bellew. It was great to see into their home lives and get an insight into the families that they provide for. Many boxing fans only really see the man in the ring, they don’t see how they are when they’re not geared up towards punching someone in the head! Perfect example is Tony Bellew. The man is frightening when it’s coming up to fight time, but the program gave the fans a chance to see the softer side of him, the dad looking after his kids the side to him which we can all identify with. When people watch these fellas box on the TV next time, or pay for their ticket, they’ll have more of a personal interest in how they get on because they know them just that little bit more thanks to that program.



There’s been a lot of talk in the trade this week about Ricky Hatton.We’ve all seen the pictures and tweets of Ricky training hard and getting himself down into good shape and now we’re hearing strong rumours that he’s about to announce a comeback that could possibly start in November. There seems to be a split in opinions on a Hatton comeback, the fans want exciting fighters to follow and there hasn’t been many more exciting than Hatton. Many of the old Hatton fans will want to see him back like he was in the glory days but many also know that is going to be a hard act to follow. Many in the trade aren’t so sure that he should come back after such a lay off, it’s a dangerous game and he got out with his health in tact.


Personally I would rather he not come back. He’s only been beaten by two all time greats and has won numerous world titles and is a British boxing legend. What else is there to prove?


Well for the man himself, he knows all that, he knows what he’s achieved and in his honest, private moments he probably knows he would never be able to surpass his past successes.


But what he may want to change is the fact that he went out on a loss. Getting knocked out, all be it to a legend in Pacquaio might still eat at a man who has such pride in his career.


For me that could be a powerful influence on why he might want to return.


He might fancy a farewell fight at the MEN in Manchester to go out on a win or he may fancy one last shot at a world title.


When you’ve had the career he’s had, it’s hard to put yourself in his head and tell him what he should do as not many can have any common experiences as him.


He’s proved himself as a promoter now, he has a great stable of fighters. He’s also a trainer now and proving a success at that.


I hope he doesn’t fight again, but most of all whatever he does decide, I hope it ends up making him happy and proves to be the right decision for the man himself.

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